Wednesday 2 September 2015
Entegris' Nano Melt Blown (NMB) CMP filtration technology further reduces defect rates related to slurry contamination
In semiconductor manufacturing, the chemical mechanical polishing (or CMP) step is used to planarize, or create a level topography, between each layer of the interconnect structure...
Wednesday 2 September 2015
SEMICON Taiwan 2015: Inspiring the next big idea
Celebrating its 20th anniversary, SEMICON Taiwan 2015 (September 2-4) highlights opportunity, innovation, and sustainability to inspire the next big idea. SEMICON Taiwan 2015 will...
Wednesday 26 August 2015
Focusing on four innovative applications, Merck unveils future display technologies at 2015 Touch Taiwan
Pursuing the goal of "The Perfect Pixel" material innovation, Merck has teamed up with local panel makers as a key strategic partner and to provide them with the crucial...
Wednesday 26 August 2015
Eternal Materials forges ahead in touch materials market with multi-dimensional operations
Starting out as a coating resin supplierin1964, Eternal Materials Co., Ltd. has since developed various products making use of synthetic resins, special chemicals and precision coating...
Wednesday 26 August 2015
Small- to medium-size OLED screens see increasing popularity, with annual shipment growth to top 15%
OLED, one of the most important displays technologies, is drawing attention with a rising number of applications available on the market. OLED and flexible displays technologies have...
Wednesday 1 July 2015
Digitimes Research: Taiwan makers hold advantage for wearable PMOLED orders
Despite Taiwan makers lagging behind Korea and Japan in TFT LCD and AMOLED panel technologies, the makers have advantages for producing PMOLED and EPD products used in wearable dev...
Friday 5 June 2015
The opportunities, challenges and bright future of IoT
Smart mobile devices have become increasingly popular and with software applications and hardware platforms falling into place, the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to emerge...
Friday 5 June 2015
Seagate and UNIFOSA showcase complete line of storage solutions at Computex 2015
UNIFOSA CORP. announces partnership with Seagate to showcase complete line of 12Gb SAS storage solutions for applications including data center applications, video edition, Windows...
Friday 5 June 2015
PowerbyProxi Previews Next Generation Resonant Qi Wireless Charging System
PowerbyProxi, developer of the world's most advanced and safest wireless power systems, will demonstrate the first Resonant Qi wireless charging system at Computex this week. New...
Friday 5 June 2015
COMPUTEX exhibits Smart Wearable and 3D Business Applications!
Smart Wearable and 3D Business Appliance have been the most special cross-boundary appliance in ICT field for the recent years. With the integration of ICT technology, the wearable...
Friday 5 June 2015
GIGABYTE announces 384 Core 2U server powered by Cavium ThunderX ARMv8 processors
GIGABYTE Technology, a leading creator of high performance server hardware, announced today the MT70-HD0 server board - the first cache-coherent, dual socket ARM board to be released...
Thursday 4 June 2015
What will the future hold for mobile technology?
As IT developers move toward 5G - analysts suggest the next-level network milestone will arrive as soon as in the next few years - the size, shape, and operation of our now ever-present...
Thursday 4 June 2015
Modeling trend raising AVEXIR worldwide brand awareness
Memory modules are practically standardized products to consumers among those produced by different key makers. However, AVEXIR Technologies has something unusual gaming products...
Thursday 4 June 2015
KEYDEX NFC Smart Ring awarded the Computex d&i Award 2015
Union Genius is proud to present its own brand KEYDEX and the KEYDEX NFC Smart Ring. Unlike the conventional designs, KEYDEX NFC Rings adopted fine ceramic material that minimizes...
Thursday 4 June 2015
GIGABYTE Unveils New ULTRAFORCE Laptops with 5th Gen Intel processor & NVIDIA 900M Graphics in COMPUTEX 2015
GIGABYTE has launched new P-series laptops with full array of features and class-leading performance. Thanks to the 5th generation Intel Core i7 processors in 14nm Broadwell architecture,...
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