Friday 1 December 2023
Suppliers optimistic about ABF substrate market in 2024, 2025
Industry suppliers are generally optimistic about Ajinomoto Build-up Film (ABF) substrate market prospects for 2024 and 2025, citing the recovery of the PC market, a growing demand...
Thursday 23 November 2023
PC market has bottom out, says IC distributor GMI
The PC market is bottoming out and will start recovering in the fourth quarter of 2023, according to IC distributor GMI Technology, which also expressed optimism about demand for...
Friday 3 November 2023
Darfon sees PC demand rebound
As PC inventory levels return to normalcy and keyboard demand recovers, Darfon Electronics projects double-digit growth for its IT-related business. Additionally, the regular bike...
Friday 20 October 2023
Chipmakers continue digesting inventory
Fabless chipmakers continue to reduce inventories in the fourth quarter of 2023, as they remain concerned about the visibility of mobile phone and PC demand, according to industry...
Thursday 19 October 2023
PC demand picking up, says Acer chairman
PC demand is rebounding, but the supply chain should remain cautious about the possibility of black swan events, according to Acer chairman and CEO Jason Chen.
Wednesday 18 October 2023
PC peripheral IC suppliers gearing up for AI PCs
PC peripheral IC suppliers are gearing up for the release of new AI PC models scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023 and the first quarter of 2024, according to industry sources.
Thursday 12 October 2023
Brand PC vendors say demand is picking up
Brand PC vendors including Dell and Hewlett-Packard (HP) have expressed optimism that demand is increasing, boosting confidence in related industry supply chains.
Tuesday 12 September 2023
DDI backend firms see lackluster demand in 2H23
The sluggish sales of TVs and notebooks have prompted display driver IC (DDI) backend houses and related backend materials suppliers to be cautious about demand in the second half...
Thursday 7 September 2023
PC chip order visibility to improve, say IC design houses
With PC vendors such as Dell issuing optimistic forecasts, IC design firms anticipate an improvement in order visibility from the PC industry, which means performance in the second...
Thursday 7 September 2023
AI may revive PCs
AI may be the catalyst for PC resurgence and return Microsoft to a key position to lead PC growth, according to sources at notebook ODMs.
Friday 1 September 2023
Notebook orders increase for Indian market
Brand notebook vendors have stepped up their pace of orders destined for the Indian market and are expanding local assembly production capacity in response to the Indian government's...
Friday 25 August 2023
IC design houses to see PC replacement drive demand in 2024
Taiwan-based IC design houses are optimistic about demand from a new surge of PC replacements anticipated for 2024, driven by replacements for PCs bought during the pandemic and Microsoft's...
Thursday 10 August 2023
Parade expects PC market rebound to be minimal in 2H23
A substantial recovery in PC demand is unlikely to take place until 2024, according to Parade Technologies, which specializes in high-speed transmission chips. Parade chairman Ji...
Thursday 6 July 2023
PC peripheral IC suppliers see stable shipments for high-end models
Shipments of high-end notebooks and other PC models have been stable lately, which may contribute to product mix improvements at related IC design houses in the short term, according...
Thursday 15 June 2023
Digital transformation to fuel rugged industrial PC demand
Rugged industrial personal computer (IPC) manufacturers have observed that geopolitical shifts and the digital transformation of national defense have accelerated the demand for defense-related...