Friday 16 January 2009
Intel postpones the launch schedule of Lynnfield CPUs and P55 chipset
Intel has recently decided to postpone its next-generation mainstream CPU Lynnfield along with the P55 chipset to the end of August or the beginning of September this year, and may...
Friday 3 October 2008
Asustek accounts for 80% of P45-based motherboards shipments, claim company sources
Asustek's P45-based motherboards occupy an 80% share of worldwide shipments, according to sources at the company.
Wednesday 24 September 2008
Asustek cuts P45-based motherboard prices further
Asustek Computer recently cut P45-based motherboard prices further to clear inventory and prepare for the upcoming launch of Intel's Nehalem processors, according to sources at channel...
Friday 27 June 2008
MSI urges motherboard makers to end price war, says paper
With Asustek Computer recently cutting prices for its Intel P45-based motherboards to grab market share, Micro-Star International (MSI) has stated that the price war is an unwise...
Thursday 26 June 2008
ECS talks plans for the future
Elitegroup Computer System (ECS) has announced it will distribute a dividend of NT$0.56 (US$0.018), including NT$0.45 in cash and NT$0.11 stocks for its 2007 operations. The company...
Monday 23 June 2008
ASRock to push Intel P43-based motherboards
Despite that most motherboard makers are currently pushing Intel P45 motherboards, second-tier motherboard maker ASRock has launched 7-8 P43 chipset models for different markets,...
Thursday 19 June 2008
Asustek initiates price cuts for P45 motherboards
Asustek Computer has recently initiated price cuts in the Taiwan market for its Intel P45-based motherboards, according to sources at Taiwan distributors.
Thursday 29 May 2008
MSI discusses plans for Computex 2008
Micro-Star International (MSI) company chairman Joseph Hsu recently discussed the products the company will be showcasing at Computex 2008, including motherboards and low-cost PCs.
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