Wednesday 18 October 2023
Indian wireless operators show reserved interest in Open RAN
Despite rapid growth in telecom and networking coverage thanks to digitalization and an increasing penetration of the online population, Indian wireless operators do not favor Open...
Tuesday 3 October 2023
Traditional telecom vendors step into the O-RAN frontier
The telecommunications equipment sector has long been under the dominance of three major players: Ericsson, Nokia, and Huawei, collectively holding an 80% market share. However, in...
Friday 3 March 2023
5G O-RAN arena enters knockout game, winners likely to emerge in 2024
A knockout competition is kicking off in the 5G O-RAN sector, and the market conditions will become clearer in one year, when winners are expected to emerge, according to Mike Yang,...
Wednesday 1 March 2023
Wiwynn showcases 5G solutions at MWC 2023
Server ODM Wiwynn has showcased several edge computing solutions including 5G Open vRan and multi-access edge computing (MEC) servers at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 and has also...
Thursday 23 February 2023
Wistron NeWeb to highlight auto TCU, 5G O-RAN, Wi-Fi 7 solutions at MWC
Wistron NeWeb (WNC) will showcase a number of advanced automotive, communications, smart home and value-added vertically integrated software solutions at the upcoming Mobile World...
Wednesday 18 January 2023
Cisco Systems to add 1-2 partners for 5G ORAN testing in Taiwan
Cisco Systems will continue participation in 5G ORAN (open radio access network) testing in Taiwan in 2023 through selecting 1-2 local enterprises as additional partners, according...
Tuesday 17 January 2023
Suppliers become more cautious about Open RAN, according to DIGITIMES Research
In the 5G era, Open RAN is expected to form an emerging market. However, according to a survey conducted by DIGITIMES Research, the industry is still cautious about when the market...
Thursday 17 November 2022
Polish startup IS-Wireless joins forces with Taiwanese company to deliver robust 5G private networks
IS-Wireless, a European 5G Open RAN mobile network provider, announced in a press release that it is introducing an integrated solution to the US, EU, and Asia markets with FiduciaEdge,...
Monday 7 February 2022
Telecom players conservative about open RAN technology
Companies in the Taiwanese telecom supply chain are holding conservative views about demand in the open RAN (open radio access network) market despite the growing popularity of the...
Friday 14 January 2022
US pushing O-RAN equipment to replace China-made ones; but influence in O-RAN from China remains strong, says Digitimes Research
Open radio access network (O-RAN) technology was originally developed to provide telecom carriers flexibility and cost efficiency in network deployment, but it has become a weapon...
Wednesday 1 December 2021
US-Taiwan Economic Prosperity Partner Dialogue to connect Taiwan companies with US telecoms
In the second edition of the US-Taiwan Economic Prosperity Partnership Dialogue (EPPD), the two sides announced their cooperation on the digital economy and 5G network security. It...
Wednesday 22 September 2021
mmWave finds potential markets in 5G and Satcom: Q&A with MixComm and SiTune CTOs
MixComm, a provider of millimeter-wave (mmWave) and front-end solutions for 5G and Satcom applications, has recently announced a collaboration with SiTune, an innovator of multiple...
Friday 30 July 2021
HTC sees loss narrow with gross margin growth in 2Q21
With its Vive business and ecosystem continuing to expand, HTC saw its net losses narrow further in the second quarter of 2021 with a higher gross margin.
Tuesday 27 July 2021
O-RAN in uncertain future
Although Europe's four major telecom operators - Vodafone, Orange, Deutsche Telekom, and Telefonica - had signed memorandum of understanding on the implementation of O-RAN based networks...
Friday 11 June 2021
O-RAN market set to rise along with 5G private networks
The 5G private network architecture outlined in 3GPP Release 16 allows businesses to deploy private networks by themselves, which will not only bring changes to the previous model...
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