Tuesday 22 August 2023
Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia compete for second wave of server supply chain migration
The US-China trade war triggered the first wave of the electronic industry's moving out from China. The continued tension between Taiwan and China is now driving the second wave of...
Monday 26 June 2023
Short-term orders become new normal for PC industry
Short-term orders have grown to become the main trend within the notebook industry as downstream brand vendors still feel uncertain about demand from the end market in the second...
Wednesday 31 May 2023
Computex 2023: ODMs showcase AI servers and other new products
Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), Supermicro, Giga Computing Technology (GCT), Mitac Computing Technology (MCT), and Ingrasys Technology, a Foxconn Industrial Internet (Fii) subsidiary,...
Wednesday 24 May 2023
Server suppliers see customers still reluctant to increase orders
Server ODMs and other suppliers continue to see customers stay reluctant to step up their pace of orders amid unfavorable market conditions, according to industry sources.
Tuesday 23 May 2023
Mitac sees server order visibility stay low
The visibility of server orders remains low despite an influx of short lead-time orders, according to Mitac Holdings president Bill Ho. Mitac's outlook for the year is conservative...
Friday 14 April 2023
Intel to sell datacenter solutions group to MiTAC
Taiwan-based MiTAC Holding has responded to recent market speculation regarding its acquisition of Intel's datacenter solutions group (DSG), stating that the handover will begin in...
Wednesday 8 March 2023
Supply chain braces for impact from Inspur blacklisting
The supply chain is bracing for the fallout of the blacklisting of China-based server manufacturer Inspur Group by the US Department of Commerce on March 3.
Tuesday 22 November 2022
Mitac to set up production base in Southeast Asia
Mitac Holdings has disclosed plans to set up manufacturing operations in Southeast Asia in 2023, as part of its efforts to increase production resilience and lower the risk of supply...
Tuesday 1 November 2022
Immersion liquid cooling solution helps to cut datacenter energy costs
Sharp rises in energy costs, clear ESG trend, and constant increase in cooling demand for server processors are highlighting the importance of liquid cooling system. Immersion cooling...
Wednesday 12 October 2022
With differing views about 4Q22, server sector unsure about 2023
The server supply chain had different views regarding the fourth quarter of 2022. However, for 2023, they seem to have reached a consensus: the visibility is still hard to estimate...
Friday 8 July 2022
Server ODMs cautious about placing orders
Component suppliers are seeing server ODMs become conservative with order pull-ins, as customer concerns about inventory build-ups mount, according to industry sources.
Thursday 7 July 2022
Taiwan server assemblers to see 3Q22 shipments grow
Taiwan-based server assemblers are expected to see third-quarter shipments register double-digit sequential increases, with positive shipment prospects for the second half of 2022,...
Thursday 16 June 2022
Server ODMs to see 2H22 shipment growth slower than expected
Macro headwinds may result in Taiwan-based server ODMs including Quanta Computer, Inventec, Wiwynn and Mitac Computing Technology posting slower-than-expected shipment increases in...
Monday 23 May 2022
Mitac stays positive about enterprise demand in 2022
Despite rising global inflation, IT product demand from the enterprise segment remains robust, especially for servers and telecom equipment, according to Mitac Holdings president...
Tuesday 10 May 2022
Notebook ODMs post shipment falls in April
Notebook ODMs all experienced shipment falls in April, probably the lowest level in the second quarter, according to industry sources.