Monday 18 March 2024
Arm rolled out its automotive processor IP and Taiwan chip makers want to ride shotgun
The UK's Arm has revealed an automotive processor.
Thursday 14 March 2024
Taiwan initiates programs to attract STEM students globally, enriching semiconductor talent pool
The Taiwanese government is actively pursuing overseas Chinese and foreign students to contribute to its workforce
Thursday 14 March 2024
MediaTek stepping up automotive deployment
MediaTek has significantly increased its investment in automotive electronics-related departments to expand its presence in the industry, according to sources familiar with the mat...
Wednesday 13 March 2024
Speculation suggests MediaTek may join Arm-led SOAFEE
Recent market speculation suggests that MediaTek may join the Arm-led SOAFEE initiative, which seeks to accelerate the development of software-defined vehicle technology.
Monday 11 March 2024
MediaTek poised to tap flagship SoC market with strong showing
In the fourth quarter of 2023, MediaTek solidified its lead in the global mobile SoC market by shipping over 100 million smartphone SoCs, according to research firm Canalys. This...
Monday 11 March 2024
MediaTek likely to meet 2024 Q1 target with steady growth in February
Taiwanese IC design leader MediaTek announced its latest February revenue, which amounted to NT$38.482 billion, a decrease of 13.52% month-on-month but an increase of 26.96% year-on-year...
Thursday 7 March 2024
MediaTek Research releases LLM 'Breeze-7B' to target bilingual environment
Following the release of the world's first large-scale traditional Chinese language model (LLM) in early 2023, MediaTek Research, a forward-looking AI research unit under MediaTek,...
Thursday 7 March 2024
Airoha to strengthen Ethernet chip offering
MediaTek subsidiary, Airoha Technology, which specializes in Bluetooth Audio and PON chips, is looking to broaden its Ethernet chip offering by partnering with IC Plus, another MediaTek-affiliated...
Tuesday 5 March 2024
Mobile SoC suppliers enhancing chip platforms for AI smartphones
Generative AI is the next key development trend in the mobile phone market, driving mobile phone SoC makers MediaTek and Qualcomm to enhance related offerings and services in anticipation...
Monday 4 March 2024
Chinese chip industry's space race behind the curtain of MWC 2024
On the sidelines of the overarching US-China tech rivalry unfolding across multiple domains, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2024 took place between Feb. 26 - 29, featuring...
Friday 1 March 2024
Android camp and SoC suppliers fuel rapid upgrades in generative AI on smartphones
At MWC 2024, major smartphone brands made high-profile showcases of their latest generative AI applications that focused on generating images and videos from text or image inputs...
Tuesday 27 February 2024
2024 Industry Outlook (1): cross-discipline competitions and diversified business development
Newcomers to the industry are often intimidated by the flexibility and diversity of the strategies of the traditional large companies that are constantly responding to change. When...
Tuesday 27 February 2024
MediaTek's IoT-NTN chip enables Compal's satellite solution at MWC 2024
Compal Electronics has announced its collaboration with MediaTek, Kiwi Technology, Skylo, and Creative5 to showcase its Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) satellite Internet of Things...
Tuesday 27 February 2024
GenAI smartphones poised to steal MWC 2024 spotlights
Smartphones with generative AI (GenAI) capabilities are expected to be the hot topic for the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, with major chipmakers Qualcomm and MediaTek gearing...
Monday 26 February 2024
MWC 2024: gen AI and pre-6G are the key developments to watch
AI, 5G, and 6G will be the overarching themes as leading suppliers of the telecom industry convenene in Barcelona, Spain for the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2024. MediaTek,...