Wednesday 19 September 2012
Intel Medfield struggling against ARM platforms, say Taiwan makers
Although Intel's smartphone platform, Medfield, and has won adoption from several vendors including Orange, Motorola Mobility, Lenovo, ZTE and Lava International, it is struggling...
Thursday 26 July 2012
Lenovo and Motorola delay launch of Intel-based tablets
Although Intel has been aggressively promoting the combination of its Medfield platform with Android for the smartphone and tablet PC markets, the recent decisions of the company's...
Thursday 21 June 2012
Intel aggressively planning for the smartphone industry
Intel's Medfield platform-based smartphones have recently received attention from handset players and telecom carriers such as Orange, Lenovo, Motorola Mobility, ZTE and India-based...
Tuesday 3 April 2012
Intel to push StudyBook tablet PC for emerging markets
Intel is set to push a tablet PC product codenamed StudyBook to target emerging markets and will adopt the same sales model as its Classmate PC, according to sources from PC players...
Tuesday 20 March 2012
Intel Medfield to heat up competition in entry-level smartphone market
The adoption of Intel's Medfield processors by China-based vendors including Lenovo and ZTE for the production of entry-level smartphones may heat up competition in the segment, according...
Friday 20 January 2012
ARM not worried about Intel foray into handheld device platforms, says ARM executive
ARM is not under competitive pressure from Intel's move into processor platforms for handheld devices, because Intel does not let clients know the value of adopting its platforms...
Friday 30 December 2011
Intel to adopt TI, Broadcom wireless chips for Medfield, Clover Trail-W platforms
Intel will adopt the Texas Instruments-developed (TI) WL1283 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/GPS chips for its Medfield platform to be launched in the second quarter of 2012 and Broadcom-developed...
Thursday 29 December 2011
Intel to launch Medfield platform in 2Q12, Clover Trail-W platform in 4Q12
Intel plans to launch its Medfield platform running on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) OS in the second quarter of 2012 and then release its Clover Trail-W platform running on Windows...
Friday 16 December 2011
Intel to struggle to see general adoption of Medfield in 2H12, say Taiwan makers
Intel will launch 32nm Medfield specifically for use in smartphones and tablet PCs in the first half of 2012, but will struggle to win general adoption of the platform by vendors...
Friday 11 November 2011
Intel to launch new CPUs for tablet PCs in 2012
Intel reportedly plans to overhaul its product roadmap for 2012, with its Medfield CPUs focusing on handset applications, while developing a new CPU lineup exclusively for tablet...
Wednesday 23 February 2011
Intel expected to offer 3rd-generation MID platform Medfield in 3Q11
Intel, in order to compete with ARM architecture devices which are prevailing in the tablet PC industry, has had Medfield, its third-generation MID platform, enter testing by Taiwan-based...
Thursday 24 September 2009
IDF San Francisco: Intel unveils new mobile chips and technologies
David Perlmutter, executive vice president and general manager, Architecture Group of Intel has debuted three new Intel Core i7 processors for notebooks based on Intel's Nehalem microarchitecture...
Friday 17 July 2009
Intel to unveil new product roadmap at IDF San Francisco
Intel is expected to unveil its new product roadmap as well as new technology innovations at the upcoming IDF to be held in San Francisco from September 22-24, according to market...
Friday 5 June 2009
MID sales a lot lower than Intel estimates, say MID makers
Global sales of Intel-based mobile Internet devices (MIDs) since the launch of the Menlow platform have been less than 30,000 units, a lot lower than Intel's estimate of 150,000-200,000...
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