Thursday 25 April 2019
Online monitor sales booming in China
Online sales of LCD monitors in China grew 17% to 6.3 million units in 2018, accounting for 36% of the overall monitor market in the country, according to China-based Sigmaintell...
Tuesday 5 June 2012
Taiwan market: LG promotes monitors and TVs featuring IPS panels
South Korea-based firm LG Electronics continues to strengthen market share in Taiwan. In 2011, LG took the largest share in Taiwan's LCD TV market. The firm continues to expand product...
Tuesday 22 November 2011
Price gap between LED-backlit and CCFL-backlit monitors begins to widen again
Beginning from second quarter 2011, the price of models below 22-inch almost have no difference while the price gap of models above 24-inch has narrowed to 5%. However, the market...
Thursday 29 September 2011
Digitimes Research: China LED industry should not blindly increase capacity but focus on improving technology, management, and quality
The LED industry has been growing rapidly in China. Digitimes Research recently visited China-based LED chipmaker Hang Zhou Silan Azure (Silan Azure) to gain insights in China's LED...
Thursday 22 September 2011
TPV to ship 60 million OEM LCD monitors in 2011
Shipments of OEM LCD monitors by TPV Technology are expected to top 60 million units in 2011 while rival company Chimei Innolux (CMI) is likely to ship about 25-30 million units of...
Wednesday 3 August 2011
LCD monitor sales in Taiwan likely to decrease 10% in 2011
The high penetration rate of LCD monitors and the increasing popularity of low-priced notebooks and tablet PCs are likely to cause annual sales of LCD monitors in Taiwan to decrease...
Wednesday 13 July 2011
Penetration of LED-backlit monitors to reach over 60% in 2H11
The growth of LED-backlit monitors has been growing rapidly as many brands have stopped introducing CCFL-backlit products. In addition, the price of LED-backlit monitors has been...
Wednesday 6 July 2011
Unity Opto and Bright LED June revenues down 30% on-year
LED packaging houses Unity Opto and Bright LED both reported approximately 30% on-year decreases in June revenues. According to industry sources, demand in the TV market has been...
Wednesday 29 June 2011
Chimei to expand marketing in China through Foxconn, VST
Chimei, a Taiwan-based display product brand belonging to the Chimei Innolux (CMI) Group, will expand its marketing of LED-backlit LCD monitors and home-use LED lighting products...
Wednesday 30 March 2011
BenQ aims at double LCD TV shipments in 2011
With sales in China, the middle East, and Asia Pacific regions, BenQ aims to boost its LCD TV sales to 400,000-500,000 units in 2011, up from 200,000-30,000 units in 2010.
Tuesday 22 March 2011
LED monitors to account for 50% of global LCD monitor market in 2011
LED-backlit LCD monitors are expected to account for 50% of the global LCD monitor market in 2011, while Taiwan's LED-backlit monitor market is expected to account for over 60% of...
Tuesday 22 March 2011
No price gap between LED-backlit and CCFL-backlit LCD monitors in 2H11
With vendors actively promoting LED-backlit LCD monitor, and some vendors having completely transferred their product line to LED-backlit models in the first quarter of 2011, prices...
Monday 21 March 2011
Taiwan market: 22-inch LCD monitor replaces 19-inch as mainstream
With prices dropping to the sweet spot, 22-inch LCD monitors replaced 19-inch models as the mainstream in the Taiwan market in January-February, driven by promotions by such vendors...
Wednesday 2 March 2011
Taiwan market: LCD monitor market to remain flat in 2011, says BenQ
With the LCD monitor market maturing and delays in government procurement projects, the LCD monitor market in Taiwan is expected to remain flat or decrease slightly in 2011, while...
Wednesday 19 January 2011
ViewSonic aims to ship 8 million LCD monitors in 2011
ViewSonic aims to become one of the top-three LCD monitor vendors in 2011 with shipments of eight million units.