Tuesday 19 December 2023
Leadtek raises NT$669 million via private placement
Leadtek Research, a graphics card supplier, has raised an additional NT$669 million (US$21.4 million) in capital through a private placement, garnering investment from Ablecom and...
Friday 14 May 2021
Taiwan makers to see mobo shipments fall 10-15% in 2Q21
Taiwan-based makers are expected to continue to enjoy strong shipments of graphics cards in the second quarter of 2021, but will see their motherboard sales decline 10-15% sequentially,...
Tuesday 28 May 2019
Leadtek AI solutions fully upgraded
Leadtek, a leading brand of global AI solutions, has completely upgraded its AI solution lineup this year, focusing on smart manufacturing, smart healthcare and health ecosystems...
Thursday 14 March 2019
Taiwan graphics card shipments from 2006-2019
The discrete graphics card market in 2008 was dominated by two major GPU players – AMD with its ATI Radeon HD series and Nvidia with its GeForce series.
Thursday 4 January 2018
Leadtek eyeing smart medical device market
Graphics card supplier Leadtek Research has launched amor H2 smart wristband for AI-based personalized health management, and aims to ship 500,000 units in 2018, with Japan, China...
Tuesday 3 October 2017
Nvidia partners with Gigabyte and Leadtek for AI, says paper
Nvidia has been recruiting Taiwan-based hardware manufacturers such as Gigabyte Technology and Leadtek Research to join its alliance for artificial intelligence (AI), according to...
Saturday 18 February 2017
Leadtek Research steps into health care devices
Graphics cards vendor Leadtek Research has extended production to health care devices and won adoption of DxPatch, a wearable device to record electrocardiograms, phonocardiograms,...
Friday 21 October 2016
Leadtek pushing into medical market
Taiwan-based professional graphics card vendor Leadtek Research has been aggressively pushing into the medical electronics market during the past few years and has recently sent its...
Wednesday 1 June 2016
Leadtek looks to build on healthcare solutions leverage its longtime high-performance visual computing technologies by eyeing medical IoT opportunities
Founded in 1986, Leadtek has three decades of experience in delivering high quality visual computing solutions and maintaining reliable supply. The widespread graphics display cards...
Thursday 4 June 2015
Leadtek makes deeper forays into the cloud
With "Beyond the Clouds" as the theme of demonstration at this year's Computex, Leadtek will be focusing on visual computing and wireless communication technologies for...
Thursday 2 October 2014
Leadtek unveils wearable device for healthcare
Leadtek Research is now mainly focusing on the medical electronics business and unveiled its in-house developed wearable device, the Amor H1 for healthcare purposes on October 1....
Wednesday 4 June 2014
Leadtek reveals complete cloud computing solutions at Computex
At Computex this year, Leadtek takes the opportunity to showcase the fruits of its graphics and wireless communications R&D. Themed "Cloud Integration," LEADTEK will...
Wednesday 16 April 2014
Leadtek pushes virtual desktop products for 2014, says paper
Taiwan-based graphics card maker Leadtek Research is currently focusing on businesses such as virtual desktops, medical health equipment and online game hosting, and is looking to...
Tuesday 21 May 2013
Leadtek to Show Total Cloud Solutions at Computex Taipei 2013
Computex Taipei 2013 (June 4-8) will be held at the Taipei World Trade Center. This year Leadtek will display a wide variety of cloud-related products and solutions under the theme...
Wednesday 6 June 2012
Leadtek Announces New Gadget: WinFast Wi2000D Compatible with Intel Wireless Display Technology
Leadtek Research Inc., known globally for its extreme visual graphics technology development, today announced the WinFast Wi2000D, which is a soon to be released receiver device for...
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