Monday 15 June 2015
China-based Solarbao provides online trading services for investment in PV power generation
Solarbao, a China-based e-commerce platform, provides online trading services for investors to acquire existing or soon-to-be-completed PV power-generating stations and then lease...
Tuesday 27 May 2014
China-based solar maker LDK receives bank loan to ease financial woes, say report
China-based polysilicon and solar wafer maker LDK Solar has obtained syndicated loans of CNY2 billion (US$321 million) from 11 local banks to ease its financial troubles, according...
Thursday 13 June 2013
LDK reports falling 1Q13 revenues
LDK Solar, a China-based solar firm reported its unaudited financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2013.
Friday 19 April 2013
LDK reports negative 4Q12 gross margin
China-based vertically integrated solar firm, LDK Solar, reported fourth-quarter net sales of US$135.9 million, a relatively low figure compared to US$291.5 million reported in the...
Wednesday 17 April 2013
LDK announces partial nonpayment for convertible notes due to cash shortage
China-based LDK Solar has announced that due to a temporary cash-flow shortage, the firm was not able to make full payments to the holders of its 4.75% convertible senior notes due...
Wednesday 17 April 2013
Digitimes Research: China solar makers faced with high debts and government policy shifts
China-based makers' solar product shipments to Europe have been falling due to the ongoing trade dispute, but their shipments to the US, Japan and the domestic market have been rising...
Monday 18 March 2013
Incredible: Suntech fails to pay back loans but share price increases by 4%
There is a Chinese saying: observing flowers in the fog. It simply means people aren't seeing things clearly. This is how I feel about the recent events unfolding at Suntech, a China-based...
Friday 15 March 2013
Commentary: The rise and the possible fall of Suntech
Suntech Power Holdings, a China-based solar module giant, said on March 11, 2013, that it has signed a forbearance agreement with the holders of more than 60% of the firm's 3% convertible...
Monday 7 January 2013
Digitimes Research: China solar firms continue to see losses in 3Q12
Due to fluctuating demand in Europe, China-based solar module firms Yingli, Suntech and Trina Solar saw shipments in third-quarter 2012 decrease by 16.9%, 10%, and 9% respectively...
Friday 28 December 2012
China solar equipment firm JYT succeeds in suing LDK for breaching contract, say reports
China-based JYT Corporation has announced a verdict from China' International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission finding that LDK needs to pay CNY293 million (US$46 million)...
Wednesday 19 September 2012
Almost all China-based integrated solar makers facing financial pressure, says LDK Solar president
China-based LDK Solar recently announced a huge net loss for the second quarter. On September 18, 2012, the firm held a product launch for its M3 high-efficiency solar wafers in Taipei...
Wednesday 19 September 2012
China-based LDK debuts M3 solar wafer with 17.5-18% efficiency
China-based LDK Solar unveiled its M3 solar wafer with energy conversion rates of 17.5-18%, 0.7pp higher than those of the predecessor model M2 on September 18 in Taipei. Executives...
Tuesday 18 September 2012
LDK Solar reports rising 2Q12 net loss
China-based solar firm LDK Solar has reported financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2012, with losses rising.
Friday 14 September 2012
Commentary: Global solar market losing energy
Since the second quarter of 2011, the global solar market has been a ship trying to sail in a hurricane. Solar markets in Europe and the US have been building up trade barriers while...
Wednesday 8 August 2012
Departure of unhealthy China solar firms is key to future of industry, claim sources
Many solar firms in the global market believe that if unhealthy China-based vertically integrated firms do not exit the market in this ongoing reshuffle, the solar industry would...