Friday 20 May 2022
IC design houses bracing for cutback in orders from China handset brands
Taiwan-based IC design houses particularly LCD driver IC firms continue to see their China-based handset clients decelerate their pace of orders, bracing for a potential cutback in...
Tuesday 17 May 2022
DDI prices under strengthening downward pressure
LCD display driver IC (DDI) prices, particularly those for handsets, are poised to fall further in the second quarter of 2022, and even handset-use OLED DDI prices are likely to fall...
Wednesday 27 April 2022
DDI maker FocalTech remains optimistic about 2022 shipments
Taiwan-based FocalTech Systems, a supplier of touchscreen and LCD driver ICs (DDIs), has reiterated its optimistic outlook for overall shipments this year, despite sluggish handset...
Thursday 16 September 2021
Taiwan LCD driver IC suppliers say orders remain strong
Some Taiwan-based LCD driver IC suppliers have claimed their book-to-bill ratios remain above one with clear order visibility through the end of this year and even 2022, in response...
Tuesday 7 September 2021
LCD driver IC designers to be under thorny process of hiking prices
LCD driver IC design houses will hike quotes to reflect continually increased costs for wafer foundry services but have been faced with reluctance from clients, LCD panel makers,...
Thursday 19 August 2021
LCD driver IC prices likely to hold steady
LCD driver IC prices, particularly those for small- and medium-size panel applications, will likely hold steady as downstream device assemblers and vendors are unwilling to accept...
Friday 6 August 2021
TSMC raises 12-inch foundry quotes for LCD driver ICs
TSMC has notified customers about 15-20% price hikes for its 12-inch wafer fabrication services for vendors of LCD driver ICs starting August, which in turn will prompt the vendors...
Tuesday 3 August 2021
Standard IC supply to stay tight in short term
The supply of standard ICs including LCD driver ICs, MOSFET chips, 4- and 8-bit MCUs, and specialty DRAM chips will remain tight in the short term, as foundries give their supply...
Wednesday 7 July 2021
LCD driver IC prices set to rise in 3Q21
Display driver IC (DDI) prices will continue to rise, albeit at a slower pace, in the third quarter of 2021, as downstream LCD panel makers are reluctant to accept the new quotes...
Tuesday 22 June 2021
Handset chipmakers see improving order visibility for 3Q21
Taiwan-based chipmakers have seen their order visibility for handset-use LCD driver ICs and fast-charging solutions become clear for third-quarter 2021, thanks to robust handset sales...
Friday 18 June 2021
Foundries to initiate another price increases
Taiwan-based IC design houses, including first-tier players and those specializing in LCD driver ICs and MOSFET chips, have been notified by their foundry partners about another price...
Thursday 3 June 2021
LCD driver IC firms see profits soaring
Most Taiwan-based display driver IC (DDI) suppliers are likely to report handsome earnings for the second quarter of 2021, bolstered by increasing DDI prices amid tight capacity at...
Friday 16 April 2021
TSMC reportedly raises quotes for mature processes
TSMC has adjusted upward its quotes for mature processes, prompting suppliers particularly LCD driver IC firms to also raise their chip prices, according to industry sources.
Thursday 15 April 2021
Taiwan LCD driver IC firms to post profit gains in 2Q21
Taiwan-based LCD driver IC suppliers have already notified their customers about price hikes of 10-20% or more for their TDDI and other DDI chips starting April, and are poised to...
Wednesday 17 March 2021
ChipMOS expects double-digit sales growth in 2021
Taiwan's display driver IC (DDI) backend specialist ChipMOS Technologies expects to post a double-digit revenue growth in 2021 with better profits than 2020, driven by robust DDI...
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