Monday 16 May 2016
Quake-hit facilities to resume production by end-May, says Sony
Sony's sensor production was affected by earthquakes on April 14, 2016 and subsequent earthquakes in Japan's Kumamoto region, but is set to resume operations by the end of May, according...
Wednesday 13 March 2013
Nuclear power plants: My neighbours
Well, I don't live next door to nuclear power plants, but I live close enough to two. If they go wrong, I will definitely have to flee.
Wednesday 21 March 2012
Japan faces challenge of aging chip industry, says IHS
One year ago, Japan's semiconductor industry was rocked by a devastating earthquake and tsunami. However, the real disaster for Japan's chip industry occurred during the years before...
Wednesday 14 December 2011
Government policies to spur growth of LED lighting in 2012
Governments in Asia such as South Korea, China and Taiwan all plan to promote and increase the development of LED lighting in 2012 through various policies. South Korea plans to replace...
Tuesday 20 September 2011
Current semiconductor inventory at "worrisome" levels, says Gartner
Semiconductor days of inventory (DOI) are forecast to plateau in the third quarter of 2011 at worrisome levels given current conditions and the likelihood that consumer and business...
Thursday 25 August 2011
Auto MEMS sensor market to resume healthy growth in 2012, says IHS
The automotive MEMS sensor market will reach new heights in 2012, leaving behind the ups and downs of the last two years including the impact of the recent Japan earthquake, according...
Thursday 25 August 2011
Effective policies can help the LED industry, says Everlight chairman
In comparison to government policies in Japan, South Korea and China in promoting the usage of LED products, Taiwan's government has been lagging behind, according to Robert Yeh,...
Tuesday 23 August 2011
Taiwan foundries to benefit from new Renesas strategy, says paper
The massive earthquake and resulting tsunami that struck Japan in March has encouraged Renesas Electronics to further strengthen its BCP (business continuity plan) as part of efforts...
Thursday 18 August 2011
LED players bracing for weak year-end shopping
With TV vendors digesting their inventories, demand for large-size LED backlighting products continues to be gloomy. While demand in the past would usually start picking up in September...
Monday 1 August 2011
Fourth nuclear power plant will not operate if unsafe, says Taipower
Taiwan president Ma Ying-jeou's announcement of commercial operations of the fourth nuclear power plant has spurred concerns. Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) announced on July 29...
Thursday 28 July 2011
Semiconductor sales to peak in 3Q12, says Information Network
Semiconductor sales, which peaked in September 2010, have begun a slow but steady increase that will last until the third quarter of 2012 before dropping again, according to The Information...
Wednesday 20 July 2011
Everlight lighting products to debut in Japan in 2012
LED packaging house, Everlight, has indicated that Japan has increased the speed of certification for LED lighting products since the earthquake disaster in March. Hence, Everlight...
Friday 8 July 2011
Chip inventories swell in 2Q11, says IHS iSuppli
Semiconductor inventory levels at chip suppliers worldwide are believed to have risen for the seventh consecutive month in a row in the second quarter of 2011, as the industry rebuilds...
Friday 1 July 2011
Japan earthquake continues to inflate analog IC prices, says IHS iSuppli
Supply disruptions spurred by the Japan earthquake are continuing to cause pricing increases for general-purpose analog components that are used in most types of electronic equipment...
Thursday 30 June 2011
Electronics supply chain to fully recover from Japan disaster in 3Q11, says IHS iSuppli
With some companies having already recovered from the earthquake in Japan, the entire electronics industry is expected to complete its rebound from the disaster by the end of the...