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Thursday 17 January 2013
Large-size smartphone shipments set to more than double in 2013, says IHS
The phablet, which is a portmanteau of the words phone and tablet, is a smartphone with a display size 5-inch or bigger, according to research firm IHS iSuppli. Shipments of phablets...
Friday 9 November 2012
Mainstream and value PCs rule over high-end performance models, says IHS
Consumers continue to favor lower-end desktops and notebooks over high-performance models in 2012 and beyond, with top-end systems accounting for only 6% of the market in 2012, according...
Monday 5 November 2012
Lenovo to launch a table-shaped all-in-one PC
Lenovo plans to launch a Windows 8-based all-in-one PC that features a similar industrial design as Microsoft's Surface, a table-shaped PC. The machine features four legs and when...
Friday 24 August 2012
China market: Apple ranks 7th in 1H12 smartphone market share, says iSuppli
There were 69.1 million smartphones shipped in the China market during the first half of 2012, and Apple shipped 5.2 million iPhone units for a market share of 7.5%, ranking 7th among...
Thursday 19 April 2012
Surplus supply of polysilicon pressures pricing, says IHS iSuppli
An ongoing surplus in the production of polysilicon, the key raw material in the solar industry, will lead to excess supply, leading to further erosion in its pricing, according to...
Tuesday 3 April 2012
Samsung widens lead in US LCD TV shipments with record high market share in 4Q11, says IHS iSuppli
Samsung Electronics in the fourth quarter of 2011 solidified its leadership of the US LCD TV market, as its share of unit shipments reached a record high, according to IHS iSuppli.
Friday 23 March 2012
Pricing for large-size LCD panels remains steady in February, says IHS iSuppli
Despite low demand, pricing for large-size LCD panels used in TVs, monitors and notebooks remained stable in February, declining by 0.5pp, according to IHS iSuppli.
Friday 2 March 2012
Samsung LCD spin-off targets AMOLED displays, says IHS iSuppli
While Samsung Electronics' spin-off of its LCD operations will boost the short-term competitiveness of the business, the long-term benefit may be domination of the next wave in display...
Thursday 22 December 2011
US flat-panel TV pricing at lowest level in eight months in November, says IHS iSuppli
The prevailing economic uncertainty, along with frantic efforts among television manufacturers to boost year-end sales, combined to drive down the price of US flat-panel TVs to their...
Tuesday 8 November 2011
Ultrabooks to deliver ultrafast growth, says IHS
In a bid to stave off the rising competitive threat posed by media tablets, the mobile PC market is embracing the new ultrabook platform in a big way, with shipments expected to rise...
Tuesday 1 November 2011
Thailand flood exerts broad impact on electronics supply chain, says IHS iSuppli
The flooding in Thailand is affecting the production of several key end products, electronic parts and subsystems, most notably automobiles, car components, cameras, analog and discrete...
Tuesday 18 October 2011
Thai flooding likely to constrain HDD supplies, says IHS
Thailand has experienced its worst floods in more than 50 years, potentially leading to a shortage of HDD supplies during the current quarter that may last into the first quarter...
Monday 17 October 2011
iPhone 4S shows key design and component changes, says IHS
While much of the coverage of Apple's iPhone 4S announcement focused on the new device's similarity to the iPhone 4, an IHS analysis of the product illustrates key changes in the...
Thursday 13 October 2011
Market for hard drives and other storage devices expands despite challenges, says IHS iSuppli
Shipments of storage devices for computers rose across the board during the second quarter, resulting from the March earthquake in Japan after panicked manufacturers strove to replenish...
Thursday 6 October 2011
With iPhone 4S intro, Apple misses out on booming low-end smartphone market, says IHS iSuppli
While many observers reacted with disappointment that Apple did not announce a high-end iPhone 5 model on Tuesday – the real letdown was the company's failure to introduce a...
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