Tuesday 4 September 2012
Taiwan market: Nexus 7 available for pre-order at NT$8,990
Google and Asustek Computer's jointly developed Nexus 7 tablet PC on September 3, became available for pre-order in Taiwan market with the 16GB model priced at NT$8,990 (US$300),...
Tuesday 5 June 2012
Taiwan market: LG promotes monitors and TVs featuring IPS panels
South Korea-based firm LG Electronics continues to strengthen market share in Taiwan. In 2011, LG took the largest share in Taiwan's LCD TV market. The firm continues to expand product...
Tuesday 5 June 2012
Asustek to start selling WoA tablet PC in October
Asustek Computer has announced its latest 10.1-inch Windows-on-ARM (WoA) tablet PC – Tablet 600, which is expected to start shipping in September and will be available in retail...
Thursday 24 May 2012
Asustek to launch three new ZenBook models in June
Asustek Computer will launch three models of its ZenBook Prime lineup, the UX21A, UX31A and UX32VD, in June, featuring full HD IPS panels from Chimei Innolux (CMI). Asustek aims to...
Thursday 26 April 2012
Notebook vendors to push ultra-like notebook models
The high prices of second-generation ultrabooks which are set to appear in early June of around US$1,000 are unlikely to help them win-over consumers; therefore, notebook vendors...
Thursday 19 April 2012
Intel to launch next-generation Xeon processor by the end of 2Q12
Intel is set to release its next-generation Xeon processor at the end of the second quarter. Since Nvidia and AMD will also release graphics cards that feature PCI Express Gen.3 in...
Monday 30 January 2012
Panasonic to source TV panels from CMI, says paper
Panasonic will outsource the production of LCD TV panels to Chimei Innoulux (CMI) in 2012, the first time for the vendor to purchase flat panels from a Taiwan-based maker, according...
Thursday 19 January 2012
Penetration rate of IPS/FFS panels in mobile PC sector to reach 20% in 2014-2015, says DisplaySearch
The penetration rate of IPS (in-plane switching) and FFS (fringe-field switching) panels in the mobile PC (including notebook, netbooks and tablet PCs) segment is expected to climb...
Thursday 1 September 2011
Integration of Japan makers seen as healthy move for small- to mid-size panel industry
Japan's attempts to integrate resources of the country's small- to medium-size panels would benefit the development of the global panel industry, but there are challenges ahead for...
Monday 8 August 2011
Monitor makers poised to adopt IPS technology
In-panel switching (IPS) panel has come under spotlight recently, due to the craze of Apple's iPad 2. Apart from tablet PCs, the number of LCD monitors adopting IPS technology has...
Friday 15 July 2011
HannStar Display to ramp up capacity for touch-panel modules and IPS panels
HannStar Display will step up its production of touch-panel modules and IPS panels, with monthly capacity for touch-panel modules to top 1.5 million units at the end of 2011 and IPS...
Friday 1 July 2011
Second-grade 9.7-inch IPS panels may flow to China-based white-box vendors
Second-grade 9.7-inch IPS panels, those failing to meet requirements for use to make touch screens for iPad 2, may have been procured by China-based white-box vendors for use in their...
Tuesday 19 April 2011
CMI aims to start shipping IPS panels for iPad in May, say Taiwan makers
TFT-LCD panel maker Chimei Innolux (CMI) is making efforts to hike yield rates for its production of IPS (in-plane switching) panels to a level required for use in the iPad, and hopes...
Thursday 31 March 2011
AUO lands panel orders for iPad 2, says paper
AU Optronics (AUO) has landed orders for IPS panels for use in Apple's iPad 2, with monthly shipments to reach three million units, according to the Chinese-language Economic...
Wednesday 12 January 2011
HannStar to produce IPS panels at 5.3G
Eyeing the demand from smartphones and tablet PCs, HannStar Display will resume production of IPS panels at its 5.3G plant, and is scheduled to start mass production at the end of...
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