Monday 3 September 2012
PC DRAM inventory remains high, says inSpectrum
DRAM spot prices were relatively stable in the last week of August. Compared to a week ago, prices showed a slight 1-2% decrease, according to latest data from inSpectrum.
Tuesday 3 July 2012
Visibility in DRAM demand low, says inSpectrum
DRAM spot prices went through a downward trend during the week of June 25-29, as pressure rises on DRAM makers to ship before month-end and demand remains weak, according to inSpec...
Monday 9 April 2012
2Gb DDR3 prices stay above US$1, says inSpectrum
Mainstream 2Gb DDR3 memory continued its stable pricing for the fourth consecutive week. Spot prices during the week of April 2-6 still hovered above US$1, according to memory price...
Friday 30 March 2012
DRAM spot market quiet as buyers wait-and-see, says inSpectrum
During the last trading week of March, transaction volumes have been low in the spot market as buyers take a wait-and-see approach. Meanwhile, sellers insist on keeping prices static,...
Saturday 3 March 2012
DDR3 spot prices top US$1 after Elpida files bankruptcy, says inSpectrum
Elpida Memory's bankruptcy filing earlier last week has boosted spot market prices for DDR3 memory with 2Gb chips topping US$1, according to inSpectrum.
Friday 3 February 2012
Memory spot market weak after Lunar New Year, says inSpectrum
A week-long Lunar New Year holiday failed to stimulate the memory market in China, according to inSpectrum. With the Europe and US markets quiet as well, demand has been weaker than...
Monday 9 January 2012
DRAM spot prices continue rally, says inSpectrum
Elpida's raising DRAM price did not have a signifcaint impact on the spot market in the first week of 2012 although higher quotes from suppliers amid limited supply continued to provide...
Monday 26 December 2011
Memory spot market still weak, says inSpectrum
After experiencing a sharp and sudden rise the previous week, average prices for mainstream DRAM in the spot market dropped slightly last week (December 19-23) with demand turning...
Monday 19 December 2011
DRAM spot price jumps 20%, says inSpectrum
Spot price for mainstream DRAM products saw a significant and surprising jump last week (December 12-16), according to inSpectrum. As of noon of December 16, spot price of a white-branded...
Monday 12 December 2011
Slow demand continues through year-end season in memory market, says inSpectrum
Traditional year-end demand did not come in the DRAM spot market in 2011 with the overall mainstream products experiencing a downhill trend this week (December 2-9), according to...
Friday 25 November 2011
DRAM spot market rebound on production issue, says inSpectrum
DRAM spot prices rebounded this week (November 21-25) as some second-tier module house players sought to build up inventories amid concerns over production cut by suppliers, according...
Friday 18 November 2011
DRAM spot prices stabilize on production cut plan, says inSpectrum
The overall price trend of the DRAM spot market finally stabilized this week (November 14-18) due to the recent announcement of Elpida's production cut plan after a sluggish performance...
Friday 11 November 2011
Slow demand to last through year-end in memory market, says inSpectrum
Overall demand in the DRAM spot market remained low this week (November 7-11), as traders continued dumping their stocks amid a gloomy outlook for the year-end holiday shopping season,...
Friday 4 November 2011
Thai flood brings impact to memory contract market, says inSpectrum
Contract pricing in the memory market is expected to be affected by recent flooding in Thailand with shortages for 3.5-inch hard disk drives (HDD) for desktop expected to be larger...
Friday 28 October 2011
Thailand floods to affect NAND flash spot market, says inSpectrum
NAND flash spot market pricing might be stimulated by the recent floods in Thailand over the short term, according to inSpectrum.