Monday 29 May 2023
Joint battery plant will benefit Hyundai, LGES in the US
Hyundai Motor and LG Energy Solution have embarked on a joint effort to scale up in the US. The pair announced on May 26 that they will build an EV battery cell plant together in...
Monday 29 May 2023
Indonesia phone shipments face slight headwind; mid-to-high tier models are slacking while entry models rising
According to Counterpoint's monthly Indonesia smartphone tracker, Indonesia's smartphone shipment for the first quarter of 2023 saw a 7.6% YoY decrease. The reason is a 25.8%...
Thursday 25 May 2023
Apple expanding supplier base in China, Southeast Asia, and India
As manufacturers embark on massive relocation efforts to build a more resilient supply chain, Apple is expanding its supplier base in most Asian countries.
Wednesday 24 May 2023
South Korea will inject KRW14 trillion into auto parts industry to boost EV production
South Korean Trade, Industry and Energy Ministry announced on May 23 that the government and local automakers will invest KRW14.3 trillion (US$10.9 billion) in the automotive component...
Tuesday 23 May 2023
Pegatron to expand production capacity in Taiwan
Contract electronics maker Pegatron has announced plans to purchase land and a building in Taoyuan, northern Taiwan, for a total of NT$755 million (US$24.6 million).
Thursday 11 May 2023
ASEAN offers not just geographical advantages
The rising labor cost in China and the changing international politics have given birth to a new value chain stretching from Shenzhen and Dongguan in southern China to northern Vietnam...
Wednesday 10 May 2023
ASEAN and South Asia are top choices for new production bases
According to data collected by DIGITIMES, all 949 publicly traded electronics firms in Taiwan generated sales totaling NT$953 billion in 2022. Manufacturers of electronic devices,...
Monday 8 May 2023
Impressive iPhone sales in emerging markets come as a woe to Qualcomm, MediaTek
Apple has turned out to be the only brand handset vendor with positive revenue growth in the first quarter of 2023, mainly driven by rapidly rising market shares for iPhones in emerging...
Thursday 4 May 2023
Thailand, Indonesia to become new shining stars of EV business, says DIGITIMES Research
The EV supply chain in Southeast Asia has grown mature with Thailand and Indonesia becoming the major players in the ecosystem. With Thailand's subsidy policies helping boost local...
Friday 28 April 2023
Power shift in SEA's automotive chain? Japanese brands losing dominance as others break into the market
Thailand is the largest automobile manufacturer in Southeast Asia, and Japanese brands have a market share of 80–90%. Because of this, the Bangkok International Motor Show (BIMS),...
Friday 28 April 2023
South Korea will offer "active support" if Tesla builds gigafactory there
South Korean president Yoon Suk Yeol met with Elon Musk on April 26, asking the Tesla CEO to build a gigafactory in the country. Yoon said South Korea will provide support for location...
Wednesday 19 April 2023
Cloudera has high hopes for Taiwan cloud market business potential
Cloudera, a US-based hybrid data cloud service provider, is expanding its presence in Taiwan, seeing Taiwan's cloud service market currently enjoying two major growth drivers, according...
Tuesday 18 April 2023
Indonesia woos VW to offset China's dominance in nickel riches
Indonesia is urging Volkswagen AG to invest in its electric vehicle industry as the country seeks to counterbalance Chinese companies' dominance over its nickel reserves.
Tuesday 18 April 2023
Volkswagen and Ford to invest in Indonesian EV battery ecosystem with international partners
Indonesia is expecting more international investment to inject into its EV segment. PowerCo, Volkswagen's battery subsidiary, has expressed interest in building a battery ecosystem...
Friday 31 March 2023
Ford joins a US$4.51 billion nickel processing project in Indonesia
US automaker Ford made a battery material investment in Indonesia, a first for the company in Southeast Asia. The US$4.51 billion project is also joined by PT Vale Indonesia and Huayou...