Wednesday 21 February 2024
Navigating AI PCs: avoiding the pitfalls of industry trends
The market often simplifies industry trends by assigning straightforward labels, from past terms like Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) to the current buzz around Artificial...
Thursday 11 January 2024
Manufacturing faces 5G challenges: turning vision into reality demands economic gains
The adoption of 5G technology marks a paradigm shift in the manufacturing landscape, paving the way for smart manufacturing.
Thursday 16 November 2023
Ennoconn holds hundreds of billions in orders, says chairman Chu Fu-Chuan
Motherboard and hardware provider Ennoconn has posted stellar results for the third quarter of 2023 with its multi-pronged approach in an uncertain market. The company has seen growth...
Wednesday 25 October 2023
GenAI stokes biz opportunities for software, hardware integration
The generative AI wave has driven the demand for hardware upgrades, increasing the opportunities for software and hardware integration at different sizes of suppliers. To cash in...
Wednesday 31 May 2023
At the edge of industry: Litmus and IIoT
Digitalization and industrial IoT are revolutionizing industries across the globe. Industrial IoT enables the seamless integration of physical machinery, devices, and sensors with...
Friday 26 May 2023
Inventory situation to normalize by year-end, says IPC maker Advantech
Industrial computer (IPC) and solution provider Advantech believes inventory levels will return to normal by the end of this year.
Tuesday 10 January 2023
IPC makers to embrace growth opportunities for IIoT apps
Taiwan-based industrial PC (IPC) manufacturers, such as Advantech and Posiflex Technology, see industrial internet of things (IIoT) applications as the key to their future growth.
Monday 26 December 2022
TXOne eyes leadership in supply chain cybersecurity technology
Taiwan-based TXOne Networks, an industrial control system (ICS) and industrial IoT (IIoT) security startup jointly founded by Trend Micro and Moxa, has newly set up an OT (operational...
Thursday 15 December 2022
NXP sees MCU supply remain tight in 2023
The microcontroller unit (MCU) supply will remain tight in 2023, buoyed by strong demand for automotive and industrial control applications, according to Ron Martino, executive VP...
Monday 7 November 2022
MCU demand remains stable for automotive applications
MCU demand for PC and other consumer electronics applications is expected to see a larger fall in the fourth quarter than in the third, and only 32-bit MCUs for automotive and industrial...
Monday 15 August 2022
Blutech wireless data management system aspires to be 'iPhone of traditional industry'
Digital transformation is a difficult process, especially for traditional industries. Blutech, a Taiwan-based company in IIoT (industrial IoT), has developed a data management system...
Friday 19 November 2021
Second-tier Ethernet IC vendors see shipments rise for IIoT applications
As demand for Ethernet ICs continues to grow robustly on proliferating IoT applications, Taiwan's second-tier networking chips vendors including Asix Electronics under MediaTek and...
Wednesday 17 November 2021
IT product distributor Weblink expects double-digit revenue growth in 4Q21
Weblink International, a channel distributor under Acer, expects to post another double-digit revenue increase in the fourth quarter of 2021, as its efforts to serve multiple brand...
Friday 20 August 2021
Skkynet combines safety and efficiency by building a secure network-connected industrial system
The manufacturing industry is rapidly moving towards smartification. The two major areas of IT and OT (operations technology) have begun to be integrated into IIoT architecture, and...
Monday 25 January 2021
Advantech to build IIoT/AIoT ecosystem with new concept
Taiwan's leading IPC supplier Advantech will strive to promote a new concept of IoT-cloud solution provider (IoT-CSP) in the next three years, aiming to build a healthier IoT ecosystem...
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