Thursday 2 May 2024
Global geopolitical shifts disrupt Taiwanese business strategies in China
In the wake of the Ukraine War, the ripple effects are felt far beyond the Eastern European theater. As China and Iran throw their weight behind Russia, the landscape of global commerce...
Thursday 25 April 2024
Design personalization drives increased demand for ICT products
Demand for most ICT end products such as TVs, smartphones, and PCs is expected to welcome a recovery in the second half of 2024.
Thursday 25 April 2024
Taiwan plots US$1 trillion sustainable ICT roadmap
At the ITRI Net Zero Day 2024 forum, industry leaders outlined strategies for Taiwan's semiconductor and ICT sectors to drive global sustainability efforts and transition to net zero...
Tuesday 26 March 2024
Taiwanese tech titans eye satellite market expansion
In the aftermath of Satellite 2024, Taiwan emerges...
Thursday 14 March 2024
Taiwan's PC industry sees explosive growth, thanks to GenAI
During her report to the Legislative Yuan's Economics Committee on March 13, Economics Minister Wang Mei-Hua pointed to an increase in local investments from Taiwan-based companies...
Thursday 29 February 2024
2024 Industry Outlook (2): ICT industry performance reflects economic health in Taiwan
In 2023, 940 plus publicly listed electronics companies in Taiwan reported a total of US$833 billion in revenues, down 12.6% from US$953 billion in 2022. This number reflected the...
Thursday 25 January 2024
Products such as Vision Pro and AI Pin could lead to demand recovery for end-user devices in 2H24
Many anticipated the economic situation would only see a more noticeable recovery in the second half of 2024. However, from an end-user perspective, Apple's Vision Pro has already...
Monday 8 January 2024
Taiwan's suppliers navigating decisions and dilemmas in the geopolitical chess with China
Once reliant on China as the global manufacturing hub, major industry players are urging their supply chain partners to establish production capabilities beyond Chinese borders.
Wednesday 27 December 2023
Beyond the downturn: a glimpse into 2024's anticipated industry resurgence
As we venture into 2024, there's a sense of anticipation in the tech industry as demand for information and communication technology (ICT) products looks poised for a rebound. Vendors...
Monday 11 December 2023
5G-ACIA signs MOU with TAICS to foster platform of cooperation with Taiwanese ICT manufacturers
The 5G Alliance of Connected Industries and Automation (5G-ACIA) recently visited Taiwan, whose first-ever visit to the island was deemed a significant event. Industry experts said...
Tuesday 5 December 2023
Automakers deepen ties with ICT companies to scale autonomous driving
Level 2 and 3 vehicle autonomy is poised to become a car's standard feature as automotive electronics companies and automakers continue to promote the technology. Taiwanese carmaker...
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