Friday 20 February 2009
Networking IC designer IC Plus to acquire Conwise Technology
In order to quickly enter the wireless networking chip market, Taiwan networking IC design company IC Plus has announced its acquisition of Conwise Technology, a Bluetooth chip design...
Friday 12 December 2008
Networking IC designers Realtek, Ralink and IC Plus have optimistic outlooks for 1Q09
Taiwan networking IC design companies are expected to have more optimistic outlooks after the US president-elect Barack Obama addresses his new New Deal for increasing investment...
Wednesday 6 August 2008
Taiwan network IC design houses optimistic about 3Q demand
Because of the effects of the peak season and the launch of Intel's new Centrino platform, Taiwan networking IC design companies expect to see their sales grow by more than 10% sequentially...
Friday 11 July 2008
Taiwan-based networking IC designers expect better 3Q08 performance
Taiwan-based networking IC designers including Realtek Semiconductor, IC Plus and Ralink Technology all believe their third quarter revenues will be better than the second quarter's,...