Tuesday 16 April 2013
Demand for touch controller, eDP, USB 3.0 chips rises on forthcoming Haswell
Taiwan-based IC suppliers for touch controllers, eDP (embedded DisplayPort) solutions and USB 3.0 chips, have seen a pick-up in demand recently, as notebook OEMs and ODMs have begun...
Monday 8 April 2013
Touchscreen to become standard specification for third-generation ultrabooks
Intel has decided to make touchscreen functions a standard specification for its third-generation ultrabooks, which is expected to launch shortly after the release of its Haswell...
Wednesday 6 February 2013
Asustek to add in-house 3D motion sensing technology into Haswell products
Asustek Computer plans to add its in-house developed 3D motion sensing technology into its upcoming high-end Haswell-based PC products including all-in-one PCs and notebooks.
Friday 1 February 2013
Intel demands Haswell ultrabooks be equipped with touch screens, say Taiwan makers
Taiwan-based supply chain makers have said they have received notification from Intel that all Haswell-platform ultrabooks should be equipped with touch panels to qualify for subsidies...
Monday 21 January 2013
Intel set to announce Haswell processors at Computex 2013
Intel is set to host a conference prior to Computex 2013 in June announcing its upcoming Haswell series processors jointly with downstream partners, according to sources from PC pl...
Friday 18 January 2013
Intel releases updated Haswell CPU roadmaps to production partners, say sources
Intel reportedly has provided its production partners with updated roadmaps of its 22nm Haswell CPUs, which will be available in June, according to sources from the upstream supply...
Friday 4 January 2013
Own-brand motherboard shipments expected to fall in 1Q13
As demand is on the decline and the first quarter is traditionally an off-season, own-brand motherboard shipments in the first quarter of 2013 are expected to drop on quarter by 5-10%,...
Tuesday 11 December 2012
Third-generation ultrabooks may be able to achieve 40% of notebook shipments, say players
As Intel failed to achieve its goal of having ultrabooks account for 40% of total notebook shipments with its Ivy Bridge platform, and the proportion only reached about 10%, sources...
Wednesday 28 November 2012
Intel updates CPU roadmap for 1Q13
Intel is set to upgrade its entry-level desktop Pentium and Celeron product lines in the first quarter of 2013 with the launch of Ivy Bridge-based 22nm Pentium G2130, G2020 and G2020T...
Tuesday 2 October 2012
Ultrabook shipments disappointing, IHS says
Amid high pricing and a lack of effective marketing to draw consumer's attention away from other hot-selling mobile gadgets, global ultrabook shipments are falling short of expectations...
Tuesday 7 August 2012
Ultrabook expected to find sweet spot in market in 1H13
With Intel unveiling its latest development for the upcoming next-generation Haswell processors at its symposiums, the PC supply chain is now placing high hopes on the processors...
Thursday 26 July 2012
Intel invites PC vendors to discuss Haswell development
Intel, seeing its 22nm Ivy Bridge platform is having difficulty raising consumer demand, is now placing its hopes on the next-generation platform, Haswell, which is set to release...
Thursday 19 July 2012
Intel to release 8 series chipset in April 2013
Intel is set to release the next-generation 8 series chipsets along with Haswell-based processors in April 2013, and since the current-generation Ivy Bridge-based processors and their...
Monday 9 July 2012
Third-generation ultrabooks to features 3D, sensors and HD quality interfaces
Intel is expected to provide design suggestions for upcoming third-generation Haswell-based ultrabooks that are aiming for release in the second quarter of 2013, with suggestions...
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