Tuesday 4 August 2020
Harvatek sees increasing shipments for IR LED devices
LED packaging service provider Harvatek has disclosed its shipments for infrared (IR) LED surveillance and sensing applications began to increase in first-half 2020 with their revenue...
Tuesday 25 December 2018
Harvatek expects mini LED to take up 15% of 2019 revenues
Harvatek is poised to start volume production of mini LED backlighting units (BLUs) and fine-pitch displays in second-quarter 2019 and expects their revenues as a percentage of total...
Friday 3 August 2018
Nichia ends patent infringement lawsuit against Harvatek
Japan-based Nichia has announced the termination of legal proceedings for alleged patent infringement against Taiwan-based LED packaging service provider Harvatek in Germany because...
Friday 22 June 2018
Harvatek expects growth in 2H18
LED packaging service provider Harvatek expects business in the second half of 2018 to grow from the first half mainly due to increased demand for fine pixel pitch displays, company...
Friday 30 March 2018
Harvatek, Bright Led to deal out 2017 dividends
LED packaging service providers Harvatek and Bright Led Electronics will distribute cash dividends per share of NT$1.00 and NT$0.85 respectively for 2017, according to the companie...
Thursday 28 December 2017
Taiwan LED makers shifting focus to IR, sensing devices
Taiwan-based LED packaging service providers, to cope with increasing price competition in the blue-light LED segment, are shifting production focus to infrared (IR) and sensing devices,...
Monday 18 December 2017
Taiwan LED firms develop niche products to avoid price war
Taiwan-based LED firms Epistar, Tyntek and Lextar Electronics Bright Led Electronics and Harvatek, to cope with pricing campaigns for commodity products from China-based competitors,...
Thursday 7 December 2017
Harvatek to boost IR LED device production in China
LED packaging service provider Harvatek will invest CNY7.5 million (US$1.13 million) to take a 75% stake in an existing factory in Guangzhou, southern China, mainly for production...
Thursday 9 March 2017
Harvatek infringes on Nichia patent in Germany
The Dusseldorf Court of Appeal in Germany has confirmed the infringement of Japan-based Nichia's YAG (a material used to make white LED chips) Patent EP 0 936 682 (DE 697 02 929)...
Thursday 23 February 2017
Harvatek showcases transparent LED display at Smart City Summit & Expo 2017
LED packaging service provider Harvatek is exhibiting a transparent LED display at the Smart City Summit & Expo 2017 in Taipei during February 21-24, according to the company.
Monday 16 November 2015
Harvatek starts production of LED-embedded yarn
LED packaging service provider Harvatek, viewing that LED lighting prices keep falling due to persistent price-cut competition, has started production of LED-embedded yarn and began...
Tuesday 13 October 2015
Harvatek, TTRI set up joint venture for LED embedded yarn
LED packaging service provider Harvatek has established a joint venture with government-sponsored Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI) for developing LED embedded yarn, with the...
Thursday 11 December 2014
Harvatek to adopt automated production of LED light bulbs in 2015
LED packaging service provider Harvatek will cooperate with affiliated equipment maker YoungTek Electronics to adopt the latter's automation equipment to start automated production...
Monday 22 September 2014
Cree accuses Harvatek, Kingbright of patent infringement in US
US-based Cree has filed patent infringement lawsuits with the US District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin against Taiwan-based LED packaging houses Harvatek and Kingbright...
Tuesday 17 December 2013
Global LED lighting penetration estimated at 20% in 2013, 30% in 2014, says Everlight
LED lighting as a percentage of all types of lighting in the global market is expected to reach 20% in 2013, and the penetration is likely to rise to 30% in 2014, according to Taiwan-based...
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