Thursday 3 December 2020
HDI board demand for notebooks to rise robustly in 2021-2022
Demand for notebook-use HDI PCBs will be rising robustly in the next one to two years, and the server and networking segments will also see mounting penetration for such boards with...
Monday 16 November 2020
Taiwan PCB firms see bright outlook for server applications in 2021
Taiwan server PCB suppliers are optimistic about their shipment prospects for 2021 although clients are carrying out inventory adjustments in fourth-quarter 2020.
Thursday 5 November 2020
HannStar Board gives positive outlook for 4Q20
PCB maker HannStar Board has reported robust business results for the third quarter of 2020 and expects demand for notebooks and new-generation game consoles to drive its revenue...
Monday 12 October 2020
Walsin-affiliated PCB makers see impressive September sales
Taiwan PCB makers HannStar Board, Global Brands Manufacture (GBM) and Career Technology, all affiliated with Walsin Technology Group, saw their September shipments significantly bolstered...
Monday 5 October 2020
PCB makers to see strong 4Q20 shipments for handsets, notebooks
Taiwan's PCB makers are expected to embrace a strongest-ever fourth quarter in 2020 thanks partly to orders for the year's new handsets concentrating in the quarter and partly to...
Wednesday 30 September 2020
PCB makers to see shipments hit by notebook component shortages
Shortages of several notebook components are likely to worsen in the fourth quarter, hitting PCB makers' shipments, according to industry sources.
Friday 25 September 2020
Notebook PCB makers expect strong 4Q20
Taiwan-based notebook PCB specialists expect a stronger-than-ever fourth quarter this year, bolstered by persistent demand for notebooks supporting stay-at-home economy, according...
Friday 18 September 2020
Taiwan PCB makers to maintain stable shipments for PS5 in 4Q20
Taiwan's PCB makers in the supply chain for Sony's PS5 expect stable shipments of rigid mainboards for the new hgame console in the fourth quarter of 2020, according to industry so...
Monday 14 September 2020
PCB shipments for new game consoles to ramp up through 4Q20
Taiwan's PCB makers in the supply chains for new game consoles by Sony and Microsoft will see their shipments, whether IC substrates or rigid mainboards, stay robust through at least...
Friday 11 September 2020
HannStar Board, GCE post record revenues for August
Taiwan's rigid PCB makers HannStar Board and Gold Circuit Electronics (GCE) both saw their August revenues hit record highs on robust shipments for notebook and networking applications,...
Friday 28 August 2020
Rigid PCB makers cautious about 4Q20 shipments
Taiwan's rigid PCB makers are expected to end the third quarter 2020 with good business results, and their fourth-quarter performance will hinge on whether the stay-at-home economy...
Monday 17 August 2020
Rigid PCB makers see strong shipments in 3Q20
Most of Taiwan's rigid PCB makers are positive about their shipment prospects for the third quarter as ongoing demand for servers and networking devices supporting remote work and...
Monday 17 August 2020
HannStar Board expects notebooks, servers to drive PCB growth in 2H20
PCB maker HannStar Board expects notebook, desktop, server, networking and game console applications to be the sources of sales growth in second-half 2020.
Tuesday 11 August 2020
Taiwan PCB makers look to servers, notebooks for 3Q20 growth
Taiwan-based rigid PCB manufacturers including HannStar Board, Gold Circuit Electronics (GCE) and Tripod Technology are expected to see stable increases in shipments for server, networking...
Friday 24 July 2020
Taiwan PCB makers to step up shipments for PS5 in late 3Q20
Taiwan's PCB makers in the supply chain of Sony's new-generation PS5 games console are expected to step up their shipments of rigid mainboards for the new device in the latter half...