Tuesday 11 June 2024
Mobile phone lens market growth will be flat in 2024, says Largan chairman
Leading mobile phone lens maker Largan Precision does not expect market conditions in 2024 to be better than in 2023, according to company chairman and CEO Adam Lin.
Wednesday 5 June 2024
Lens makers Largan, GSEO to shine in 2H24 as AI smartphones drive demand
Computex 2024 opened on June 4 with "the PC reborn" as one of its main themes, and leading brands pushing for an upgrade drive with new models across the board.
Monday 6 May 2024
Taiwanese optical device players seek new application horizons beyond smartphones, diverge on 'Taiwan+1' strategies
As smartphone sales plateau compared to the rapid growth seen 5-10 years ago, Taiwan's optical solutions providers, primarily serving the smartphone market, are seeking new growth...
Monday 15 April 2024
Apple's potential slowdown in 2024 prompts optical component suppliers to diversify
As Apple's sales performance may slow in 2024, suppliers, including optical component and lens providers, may accelerate their diversification in customer bases and business portfo...
Wednesday 10 April 2024
Optics giants GSEO, Largan see March revenues surge
Optics giants have been seeing strong performance despite the traditional off-peak season in 2024.
Wednesday 27 March 2024
Taiwan-based optics suppliers pursue opportunities in AI
Genius Electronic Optical (GSEO) has continued branching out into products for AR/VR and Mixed Reality (MR) applications.
Thursday 21 March 2024
Lens upgrades and increases to boost GSEO 1Q24 revenue
According to Genius Electronic Optical (GSEO) Chairperson Jones Chen, handsets are being equipped with an increasing number of lenses, and lenses on high-end handset models are continually...
Thursday 18 January 2024
Largan, GSEO feeling good about high-end lenses, flagship models 2024
After concern about Largan's position in smartphone lenses, comments from the CEO Adam Lin suggest that things are finally looking up.
Monday 8 January 2024
Apple's upcoming Vision Pro MR headset seen to boost Taiwanese optics suppliers
Apple's first mixed reality (MR) head-mounted display, the Vision Pro, unveiled at the mid-2023 WWDC conference, is anticipated to hit shelves in late January or early February 2024...
Wednesday 20 December 2023
Optics industry coasts along rising smartphone shipments
After a three-year slump, the market for smartphone camera lenses is showing signs of recovery, with optics companies posting stellar results. While Apple has been going into overdrive...
Wednesday 13 December 2023
Bright prospects for 2024 as optics suppliers see demand rise
With 2023 turning out to be a disappointing year for the economy, the optics industry in Taiwan has proven to be a dark horse: Taiwan-based optics companies have seen outstanding...
Tuesday 12 December 2023
Upcoming launch of Apple's Vision Pro a boon for optics and display suppliers
After Apple announced its long-rumored Vision Pro mixed reality headset at its WWDC event in June 2023, industry watchers have been eagerly anticipating the device's expected launch...
Wednesday 6 December 2023
Lens makers see opportunities and challenges in smartphone camera spec war
With smartphone sales slumping under global inflation in recent years, the demand for CMOS image sensor (CIS) parts and lenses has also fallen. Yet sources in the supply chain point...
Tuesday 28 November 2023
As next step of smartphone upgrades, AI and periscope lenses may become standard equipment
The smartphone market is slowly recovering, with many manufacturers recently expressing in their earnings call that the industry's adjustment period over the past three years appears...
Wednesday 22 November 2023
Second-tier optical component suppliers shifting away from mass-market devices
The growing demand for specialty optical components and automotive lenses has prompted second-tier optical component vendors to exit the massive smartphone industry.
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