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Tuesday 15 August 2023
Getac sees low order visibility for 2H23
Industrial PC (IPC) maker Getac said its customers are being cautious about their second-half prospects and that it is seeing poor order visibility in the second half of 2023.
Thursday 15 June 2023
Digital transformation to fuel rugged industrial PC demand
Rugged industrial personal computer (IPC) manufacturers have observed that geopolitical shifts and the digital transformation of national defense have accelerated the demand for defense-related...
Tuesday 30 May 2023
AI to drive rugged PC sales, says Getac
Getac Technology is optimistic about the rugged PC market growth this year, citing AI-driven demand in enterprise digital transformation solutions.
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Wistron, Inventec post notebook shipment drops in April
ODMs Wistron and Inventec experienced revenue drops in April 2023, both seeing notebook shipments fall more than 10% sequentially.
Wednesday 15 March 2023
Progress of moving PC production out of China is slow
Brand PC vendors have yet to place significant orders with their assembly partners' new plants in Vietnam, indicating that moving production out of China is slow, according to industry...
Friday 3 March 2023
Getac enjoys robust rugged PC sales growth
Industrial PC maker Getac expects to post another growth of 8-15% in rugged PC sales this year, following a 15% increase in 2022.
Tuesday 22 November 2022
ASEAN still can not replace Chinese manufacturing
Changes in the supply chain are brewing due to policy changes in China. Compared with what China was previously able to offer companies that established factories locally, strict...
Tuesday 25 October 2022
Getac Holdings Corporation builds resilient supply chain to take advantage of new growth opportunities
Due to the trend towards net zero emissions, global supply chain operators must fulfill the requirements of environmental protection, energy saving, and sustainable operation. Measures...
Wednesday 5 October 2022
Taiwan PC component firms step up deployment in automotive market
Taiwan-based PC component suppliers, such as Getac and Yen Sun Technology (YS Tech), have stepped up their deployment in the automotive market.
Monday 3 October 2022
To enhance supply chain resilience, Taiwan makers can go two ways, says Getac Holdings CEO
With the recent severe shake-ups of the industry, enhancing supply chain resilience has become a focus for many. For Taiwanese makers, there are currently two ways to go; either go...
Thursday 18 August 2022
IPC maker Getac sees strong order momentum for US government project
Rugged PC maker Getac has seen a strong influx of orders associated with a major US government project in the second half of 2022, and expects the order momentum to carry on into...
Thursday 30 June 2022
IPC maker Getac expects revenue growth in 2022
Rugged PC maker Getac remains cautiously optimistic about performance in the second half of 2022, owing to the implementation of government budgets and pull-in orders from channel...
Monday 30 May 2022
Getac to add new production lines in Europe, China
Rugged computer vendor Getac Technology plans to erect new plants in Europe and China, as part of its plan to diversify production, company chairman James Hwang has said.
Friday 8 April 2022
Getac may see April revenue hit by COVID lockdown in Kunshan
Ruggedized PC vendor Getac has suspended operations at its plant in Kunshan of China's Jiangsu province due to the city's COVID lockdown, and it is evaluating the impact of the event...
Tuesday 15 March 2022
Device assemblers to closely monitor inventory
Downstream device assemblers and vendors in the networking device, notebook, and server sectors will be closely monitoring their inventory levels this year, as unfavorable macro factors...
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