Monday 20 May 2024
From Cloud to Edge, hybrid AI model is taking shape
Generative AI will inevitably move away from cloud services, which used to rely heavily on data centers and leave some private and real-time information to be processed on "edge"...
Friday 17 May 2024
Generative AI is transforming the game 'from cloud to edge'
The internet giants are building comprehensive ecosystems, in which Generative AI (GenAI) plays a pivotal role. "From cloud to the edge" will be an inevitable trend.
Friday 17 May 2024
eYs3D announces new products on human-computer interaction and visual sensing
Etron Technology, along with its multiple subsidiaries, held a press conference before COMPUTEX 2024.
Wednesday 8 May 2024
EU's AI Act: a milestone in legislation or a regulatory nightmare?
The European Parliament made a significant announcement on March 13, 2024, declaring the passage of the "AI Act," set to be implemented in phases beginning in mid-2025.
Wednesday 8 May 2024
GenAI can improve chip design efficiency, says Cadence
The use of Generative AI (GenAI) with Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools to expedite the design process has emerged as a new trend, according to Cadence Design Systems.
Tuesday 7 May 2024
Speculation arises about Apple exploring collaboration with EV startup
Speculation has surfaced among supply chains that Apple is studying the possibility of working with an Electric Vehicle (EV) startup company.
Monday 6 May 2024
Apple no longer silent on AI; GenAI major talking point at earnings call
At its recent earnings conference for the second quarter of fiscal year 2024, Apple finally strayed away from its past tight-lipped approach regarding AI and Generative AI, openly...
Monday 6 May 2024
BCG unveils generative AI's role beyond ChatGPT
Amidst the tidal wave of Generative Artificial Intelligence (Generative AI), Boston Consulting Group (BCG) issues a clarion call: the potential of Generative AI transcends the realms...
Tuesday 30 April 2024
Revolutionizing manufacturing through AI: highlights from the 2024 AI Expo
The 2024 AI Expo, held at the Expo Dome in Taipei Expo Park from April 24th to 26th showcased cutting-edge AI innovations in smart manufacturing. Three keynote...
Monday 29 April 2024
Apple launches open-source model OpenELM
Apple has launched the language model OpenELM, with an emphasis on open-source and efficiency. The model is expected to be available on the iPhone.
Friday 26 April 2024
From cloud to edge: GenAI's trillion-dollar market potential and challenges unpacked
GenAI is expanding its footprint from cloud to edge, with leading chip and platform manufacturers joining forces to tap into the burgeoning market.
Tuesday 23 April 2024
Innolux to showcase GenAI 3D printing; Other versatile display solutions
Innolux will showcase its Generative AI (GenAI) technologies at the 2024 Touch Taiwan, including a 3D printer with AI 3D imaging solutions and its "Chat-N-Go" AI Automated Guided...
Monday 22 April 2024
Japan's GenAI boost: US$480 million subsidy fuels domestic cloud computing services
Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) unveils a JPY 72.5 billion (US$480 million) subsidy to back Generative AI (GenAI) development by five local firms, including...
Thursday 18 April 2024
Stanford research reveals AI model training costs soared to record-high
Stanford University's HAI Institute reports that AI development in the industry surged ahead of academia in 2023, with training costs for advanced AI models hitting record highs.
Thursday 18 April 2024
GenAI-capable smartphone shipments to quadruple
According to a recent Counterpoint Research report, the share of GenAI smartphones in overall smartphone shipments would reach 11% by 2024 and 43% by 2027, passing 550 million units...