Tuesday 19 July 2011
Volume of polysilicon to increase in October
The price negotiations between polysilicon suppliers and downstream firms have been unsuccessful, but rumors in the market indicate the volume of polysilicon will likely increase...
Wednesday 13 July 2011
Cross-strait solar wafer firms prepare to increase quotes
Solar wafer makers in China and Taiwan have been preparing to increase quotes. However, downstream firms still have sufficient solar wafer inventories, hence, increasing prices will...
Tuesday 12 July 2011
China-based polysilicon suppliers aim to increase quotations
China-based polysilicon suppliers reportedly are trying to increase the price from US$47-48 to US$53-55/kg. However, according to China-based solar firms, the actual price of polysilicon...
Wednesday 6 July 2011
Focus of solar systems turns to rooftop installations
As government incentives shift focus to rooftop installations, many international solar firms have been targeting this type of installation in recent years. Governments such as those...
Friday 24 June 2011
Polysilicon suppliers face dilemma over price drops
Quotes for polysilicon have been facing downward pressure and are likely to drop below US$50/kg.
Friday 24 June 2011
Some small solar cell makers in China plan to resume production
Some small- to medium-sized China-based crystalline silicon solar cell makers, viewing that larger China makers have reached full utilization and global demand is expected to rebound...
Wednesday 22 June 2011
Solar wafer firms hope for decrease in polysilicon price
The contract price of polysilicon for July 2011 has not yet been finalized between many polysilicon and wafer firms. Solar material providers have been rigid about keeping the price...
Friday 17 June 2011
China-based GCL-Poly brings pressure for price cuts on international poly-Si makers
China-based GCL-Poly Energy Holdings has extended production from poly-Si material to solar wafers and has lowered quotes for 6-inch wafers to US$2.10, reflecting poly-Si costs of...
Thursday 9 June 2011
Foxconn unveils plans to enter solar industry in 2H11
Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) is set to expand into the solar business in the second half of 2011, the company announced at its annual shareholders meeting on June...
Friday 3 June 2011
Contract price for polysilicon begins to alleviate
The continuous price drop for solar wafers and cells have been causing immense pressure on Taiwan-based solar firms. According to industry sources, the contract price of polysilicon...
Thursday 26 May 2011
Commentary: Taiwan solar firms should use advanced technology to face aggressive capacity expansion by China competitors
Despite the downturn of the solar market, China-based solar firms have been continuing expanding capacity with the help of local governments and state-owned enterprises. The total...
Wednesday 25 May 2011
China-based first-tier solar firms continue to expand capacity
Despite cold market conditions, China-based first-tier integrated solar firms have moved to expand capacity in an effort to lead the industry. China-based second-tier solar firms...
Tuesday 17 May 2011
China-based solar wafer makers interested in production of sapphire substrates
Many medium to small China-based makers of solar crystalline silicon wafers have reduced or stopped production due to decreased demand, and have actively inquired about investments...
Monday 16 May 2011
Price of solar wafers in China falls below US$2.5/unit
Weak demand in the solar market continues to put pressure on the prices of upstream materials such as wafers. According to industry sources, six-inch solar wafers have been quoted...
Thursday 12 May 2011
Applied Materials HCT B5 wire saws selected by GCL-Poly for solar manufacturing
Applied Materials has announced that GCL-Poly Energy Holdings, China's largest producer of polysilicon wafers for solar PV applications in 2010, has placed a significant order for...
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