Friday 21 January 2011
New notebook platform and new chipsets to push demand for passive components in 2011
Passive component makers including Yageo and Walsin Technology are positive about the business outlook for 2011 as the launch of Intel's Sandy Bridge platform and G41 chipsets will...
Friday 18 December 2009
Intel G41 chipsets face shortage
Supplies of Intel's G41 chipsets have fallen short due to insufficient capacity at the company's 8-inch fab and a turnaround in orders by motherboard makers. The situation may not...
Monday 7 September 2009
Intel G31 chipset shortages to get worse in 4Q09 as Intel cuts back supply
Supplies of Intel's G31 IGP chipset are expected to become even tighter in the fourth quarter of 2009 as Intel plans to reduce the proportion of the chipsets in its total shipments...
Thursday 9 July 2009
Biostar introduces G41-based motherboard series
Biostar Microtech International has introduced an Intel G41 chipset-based motherboard series which includes the T41 HD, G41D3G, G41 DVI and G41-M7.