Tuesday 6 February 2024
A comprehensive look at the electronic component industry: Fusion Worldwide's 2024 report
The electronic component industry enters 2024 at an inflection point. Various market segments are recalibrating accordingly after facing hardships brought on by inescapable geopolitical...
Friday 26 May 2023
Fusion Worldwide receives win at SBR International Business Awards
Semiconductor manufacturing company Fusion Worldwide clinched the Supply Chain category win at the recently held SBR International Business Awards for its proprietary data tool Scout...
Tuesday 22 November 2022
Fusion Worldwide named Outstanding International Branded Distributor
Fusion Worldwide, the premier global open market sourcing distributor for electronic products, received the award for Outstanding International Branded Distributor at the 2022 International...
Monday 24 October 2022
What crypto volatility means for electronic component supply chain
As global economic downturn affects consumer markets, and cryptocurrency itself goes through some major changes, a new crash in demand is once again influencing electronic component...
Tuesday 16 August 2022
Is chip shortage ending? Fusion Worldwide sees rough waters at least for another quarter
During the peak of chip crunch, when big automotive manufacturers are securing long-term agreements with chip makers to keep their supply chain humming, those in critical need of...
Tuesday 22 February 2022
Fusion Worldwide acquires electronic component testing center in Singapore
Fusion Worldwide has acquired Prosemi Mfg Pte Ltd, a large-scale electronic component test house in Singapore. With the supply chain experiencing historic constraints leading to lengthy...
Thursday 17 February 2022
Fusion Worldwide expands EMEA presence
Fusion Worldwide is expanding its footprint throughout EMEA with the opening of locations in Paris, France, and Udine, Italy. The EMEA region currently has two offices, and with this...
Friday 17 December 2021
Fusion Worldwide celebrates 20 years in the electronics sourcing industry
Fusion Worldwide, the premier global open-market sourcing distributor of electronic components and finished products, is celebrating its 20th anniversary.
Tuesday 13 April 2021
A tumultuous road ahead for global markets
Shortages, which were originally attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, have continued to worsen in 2021. Continuous demand growth in various sectors like 5G, automotive and IoT, ongoing...
Tuesday 2 March 2021
From flourishing to floundering: Automakers to face further issues in 2021
In the first half of 2020, the automotive industry took a hard hit from COVID-19 with demand nosediving, production shutdowns and allocation shifts focusing on telecommunications...
Monday 28 December 2020
Sectors to grow and shortages to watch in 2021
In 2021, there's opportunity for growth in many markets, especially automotive, 5G and IoT, and new component releases hitting the market. However, challenges lie ahead.
Wednesday 9 December 2020
The release of Filecoin could mean product shortages in the semiconductor industry
Years after the release of Bitcoin, the semiconductor industry is in for a splash with the upcoming release of Filecoin, a block-chain based digital storage system. With many users...
Monday 31 August 2020
Shock proofing your supply chain - A global approach
All supply chains face risks caused by unpredictable events, such as trade wars, natural disasters and data breaches, that often lead to multiple disruptions. Most recently, the COVID-19...
Monday 10 August 2020
The 5G revolution: A catalyst for semiconductor success
Global telecommunications companies are continuing the race to deploy the best 5G networks and technologies around the world. Though the coronavirus has pushed the 5G rollout back...
Monday 13 July 2020
As tensions rise in Hong Kong, so does the possibility for supply chain disruptions
Hong Kong's reputation as a "free" global trading center and as the world's biggest exporter is at risk of being damaged with Beijing moving to abolish the "one country, two systems"...
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