Tuesday 19 September 2023
When geopolitical rivalry shapes global energy supply landscape
The Russo-Ukrainian War, extending beyond a year and a half, has resulted in a scarcity of natural gas supply, plunging several nations into an energy crisis. Experts highlight that...
Thursday 18 July 2019
Global PV module demand estimated at 125.5GWp in 2019
Global PV module demand in 2019 will reach 125.5GWp, increasing 15.99% on year, according to EnergyTrend under Taiwan-based TrendForce.
Thursday 17 January 2019
Global additional PV installation capacity to reach 111.3GWp in 2019, says EnergyTrend
PV installations completed globally in 2018 totaled 103.3GWp in installation capacity, growing 4.9% on year, and the total in 2019 will grow 7.7% to 111.3GWp, according to EnergyTr...
Thursday 1 June 2017
TPVIA requests FTC to probe solar cell price reporting by PVinsights, EnergyTrend
The Taiwan Photovoltaic Industry Association (TPVIA) has filed a request with Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate weekly reporting of crystalline silicon solar cell...
Monday 18 January 2016
PV demand remains strong in 1Q16; prices of multi-Si wafers and cells to peak in February, says EnergyTrend
The general outlook for the 2016 PV market has become more certain as China, the US and the UK finalize their respective subsidy policies, according to EnergyTrend. "China plans...
Friday 8 January 2016
Installed cost of utility-scale PV system in the US down 17% in 3Q15; falling PV costs to spur demand, says EnergyTrend
According to EnergyTrend, prices of photovoltaic (PV) systems are in a steady decline. In the US, for example, the average installed cost of utility-scale PV systems was at US$1.38/W...
Monday 4 January 2016
Trina may gain big from second review of 2012 AD/CVD case as the US considers cutting tariffs on China PV imports, says EnergyTrend
The United States Department of Commerce is expected to soon reveal the preliminary ruling on its second review of anti-dumping and countervailing (AD/CVD) rates on China photovoltaic...
Friday 18 December 2015
Solar ITC extension will halt installation rush in the US and stabilize global PV market growth, says EnergyTrend
The US House of Representatives passed an amendment to extend the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) on December 16. The extension, which is part of a tax and spending package, is...
Wednesday 18 November 2015
China to drive demand of lithium batteries for xEVs in 2016, says EnergyTrend
The global xEVs (x-electric vehicles) market has performed impressively in 2015 mainly because of the China market, which has expanded due to strong government support. According...
Monday 16 November 2015
Overseas capacity expansion will cause moderate price slide across PV supply chain in 2016, says EnergyTrend
The downward revision of income tax credit for photovoltaic systems for 2016 in the US has resulted in a general installation boom, which is prolonged by the planned feed-in tariff...
Monday 9 November 2015
AD/CVD ruling and overseas capacity expansions are variables to the current PV boom, says EnergyTrend
China's National Reform and Development Commission has announced that there will be no significant reduction in feed-in tariff (FiT) rates for the country's photovoltaic (PV) power...
Monday 12 October 2015
Orders flow into PV segment as government initiatives generate strong demand in China, says EnergyTrend
Policy directives from the China government continue to drive the country's demand for photovoltaic (PV) systems. China's National Energy Agency has recently increased the national...
Wednesday 17 December 2014
Worldwide solar demand projected at 51.4GW in 2015, says EnergyTrend
The worldwide solar market demand in 2014 was approximately at 44GW. Going into 2015 the worldwide solar demand is projected at 51.4GW, with the key markets remaining in China, the...
Friday 22 August 2014
Change in US anti-dumping duty may boost capacity utilization rates of Taiwan solar firms, says EnergyTrend
On August 19, 2014, the US Department of Commerce announced it had revised the preliminary anti-dumping duty on solar products produced by Motech Industries in Taiwan, causing Motech's...
Monday 18 August 2014
PV cell and module price quotes drop in 3Q14 due to weak momentum in PV market, says EnergyTrend
After the US announced its preliminary rulings on CVD and AD duties, momentum in the market has turned weak. Module and cell makers have decreased capacity and increased inventory,...
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