Friday 21 October 2022
Inflation Reduction Act has corporations worldwide looking to participate in the lithium battery sector
The lithium battery sector has become the hottest due to the US recently passing the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA). The IRA is aiming to fight inflation with green energy...
Friday 14 October 2022
GM takes on Tesla with its own solar power and energy storage system
General Motors plans to compete with Tesla's solar and Powerwall business by offering its own sun-generated power and storage system starting late next year.
Wednesday 12 October 2022
Foxwell Power to build biggest energy storage system in Taiwan
Foxwell Power, an operator of a renewable energy trading platform, has signed with three banks for a syndicated loan of NT$1.75 billion (US$55.1 million) for funding construction...
Tuesday 11 October 2022
China battery makers actively expanding capacities for energy storage systems
Main China-based lithium-ion battery makers, in view of large potential demand for energy storage systems, have been actively investing in setting up additional production capacities,...
Friday 30 September 2022
J&V Energy Technology organizes Taiwan Team 2.0 for developing offshore wind farms
Renewable energy developer J&V Energy Technology has organized a team, dubbed Taiwan Team 2.0, specifically for joint participation in developing offshore wind farms in the third...
Wednesday 14 September 2022
Energy storage systems in growing demand in Taiwan, says Foxwell president
Along with development of PV and offshore wind power generation, demand for energy storage systems is fast growing in Taiwan, according to president Hau Xia-peng for green energy...
Monday 1 August 2022
San-Ti Energy inaugurates 5MWh energy storage system in southern Taiwan
San-Ti Energy on July 27 brought into operation an energy storage system with an installation capacity of 5MWh in Kaohsiung City, southern Taiwan, according to the company.
Thursday 28 July 2022
NHOA.TCC inaugurates first EV charging station combining solar power and energy storage in Taiwan
NHOA.TCC, a subsidiary of Taiwan Cement, inaugurated on July 27 an EV charging station in Taipei City. It is Taiwan's first DC/DC charging station that integrates solar power while...
Tuesday 26 July 2022
J&V Energy Technology to set up largest energy storage system in Taiwan
J&V Energy Technology, an ECP (engineering, construction, procurement), operation and maintenance undertaker for PV power generation projects, will set up an energy storage system...
Monday 4 July 2022
PHE Power Solutions, HD Renewable Energy set up energy storage systems
PHE Power Solutions has cooperated with US-based Fluence to set up energy storage systems in Taiwan, while PV power-generating station investor and operator HD Renewable Energy is...
Friday 22 April 2022
Teco Electric & Machinery to set up 60MW energy storage system for Taipower
Teco Electric & Machinery has won an open bid at NT$2.6 billion (US$91.2 million) for setting up an energy storage system with an installed capacity of 60MW for state-run Taiwan...
Wednesday 8 December 2021
Buima develops battery module and energy storage applications
Buima Group has invested in Joules Miles to enter into the battery module field. Combined with their building materials foundation, Buima plans to develop a new application category...
Thursday 11 November 2021
3 types of energy storage systems
Energy storage systems are often equated with batteries. Take for example, portable batteries for mobile phones: energy is stored and then supplied to the phone later when needed.
Wednesday 6 October 2021
Delta Electronics helps AIDC set up energy storage system
Power supply maker and energy management solution provider Delta Electronics has helped Aerospace Industrial Development (AIDC), an aircraft component maker and aviation engineering...
Monday 13 September 2021
Energy storage systems ensure stable delivery of renewable energy into the grid, says Delta Electronics executive
Energy storage systems make renewable energy controllable, manageable, adjustable, and reduce the problems that may be caused during power delivery, according to senior director Paul...
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