Friday 1 December 2023
Taiwan notebooks, 3Q 2023


Tuesday 5 September 2023
Apple mulls low-cost MacBook, say sources
Apple is reportedly developing a low-cost MacBook series to compete with Chromebook models in the education sector that could be released as early as the second half of 2024, according...
Monday 28 August 2023
Taiwanese government pushing to nurture more IT talent to cater to AI and semi demand
The "Key Talent Cultivation and Recruitment Plan (2021-2024)" that received approval from Taiwan's Executive Yuan is presently undergoing active promotion by various governmental...
Wednesday 12 July 2023
CYP introduces 4K ultra-slim modular matrix switcher, unlocking infinite possibilities for conferences and education
During the peak of the pandemic, businesses embraced remote work, and schools adopted distance learning to ensure uninterrupted productivity and education. As we transition into the...
Friday 30 June 2023
SEMI University platform offers free learning resources for introduction to semiconductor industry
With both summer and the job-seeking season approaching, Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) has launched SEMI University, an online semiconductor learning...
Friday 30 June 2023
Top-5 brands notebook shipments up 30% on month in May thanks partly to education sector, says DIGITIMES Research
The global top-5 notebook brands, not including Apple, saw their combined shipments rise over 30% on month in May, while the top-3 ODMs together also achieved a similar shipment growth...
Wednesday 17 May 2023
Meta touts Metaverse's potential for job training and education
Meta Platforms Inc. is hoping to revive interest in the metaverse by pitching it as a tool to help train workforces, showing the social media giant isn't backing down on its virtual...
Tuesday 25 April 2023
Chromebook, gaming notebook demand picking up, says IC design houses
Peripheral IC demand for Chromebooks and gaming notebooks have picked up since the first quarter of this year, according to sources at IC design houses.
Tuesday 21 February 2023
Chromebook sales start picking up
Chromebook sales have started to stabilize in the first quarter of 2023, with demand for educational models expected to pick up in the second quarter, according to notebook industry...
Thursday 24 November 2022
Innolux steps up non-display deployment
Innolux has stepped up its deployment in the non-display field, enhancing its offerings such as liquid crystal (LC) windows for smart retailing, smart medical care, and educational...
Friday 4 November 2022
AWS Joint Innovation Center in Kaohsiung has cooperated with BenQ with results of Interacting Smart Education Championship Out
In order to encourage all industries to apply smart technology, overturn the traditional education frame, and become the best cloud support, the Startup Terrace of SMEA, Kaohsiung...
Thursday 22 September 2022
Qualcomm announces new innovation center and 5G education initiative in Southern Taiwan
Qualcomm announced on September 21 to establish the Qualcomm Innovation Center, Southern Taiwan located at Kaohsiung's Yawan 5G AIOT Innovation Park to support local industries and...
Thursday 18 August 2022
ViewSonic lays out plans for education metaverse
ViewSonic, which marks its 35th year of establishment in 2022, has been actively promoting digital transformation in recent years, shifting from a hardware company to a solutions...
Wednesday 26 October 2016
Microsoft to partner with Changhua government to push cloud for education
Microsoft Taiwan has cooperated with the government of Changhua County, Taiwan to push a cloud-based education project, hoping to help Changhua to become a development center for...
Wednesday 22 August 2012
Non-Apple players competing for China educational tablet market
With China expected to have a demand for at least 10 million educational tablet PCs, and related government units are in the middle of establishing standards for "e-backpack"...