Wednesday 31 January 2024
Survey snapshot: 81% of AmCham members bullish on Taiwan's economic outlook for 2024
The American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan (AmCham) recently released its 2024 Business Climate Survey, revealing a notable upswing in confidence among its members regarding...
Wednesday 24 January 2024
India special report: incentive policies and huge domestic market expected to reposition India as global electronics manufacturing hub
With a population of 1.42 billion, India is the most populous country globally due to its demographic structure, predominantly composed of young people. The country enjoys a substantial...
Tuesday 23 January 2024
Taiwan export orders fell 16% in 2023
Taiwan's total export orders for the year 2023 witnessed a substantial contraction.
Wednesday 17 January 2024
World Economic Forum report reveals high-income economies are more optimistic on AI prospects
A recent World Economic Forum (WEF) focusing on the impact of geopolitics and AI revealed that respondents from high-income economies are more optimistic about the prospect of enhancing...
Friday 12 January 2024
Taiwan readies silver tech for silver economy boom
Taiwan's National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) has recently initiated the "Elderly Technology Industry Action Plan," a comprehensive strategy aimed at advancing intelligent...
Wednesday 10 January 2024
A hidden hero will drive Korean trade closer to the US: Tim Culpan
South Korean exports took a beating in 2023, dropping for the third time in five years as the global economy slowed. Yet it was the nation's forgotten automotive sector that softened...
Wednesday 3 January 2024
Chipmakers see end-market demand remain conservative
Consumer spending in Europe and the US was conservative at the end of 2023, prompting chipmakers to adopt a wait-and-see attitude about demand expectations.
Monday 18 December 2023
Notebook battery module maker C-Tech transitioning to green economy
Tsung-Wei Huang, chairman of notebook battery module manufacturer C-Tech, pointed out that with the notebook battery module market becoming too mature and the trend of customers relocating...
Monday 18 December 2023
2024 Outlook: Space, the next frontier for geopolitics
In the 21st century, geopolitical tensions between the United States and China have rekindled memories of the Cold War, particularly in space exploration.
Tuesday 12 December 2023
From tech to tides: Taiwan's blue quest for sustainable marine economy
Exploring the oceans has taken center stage as global economic powerhouses, driven by geopolitical concerns and sustainability demands, are actively propelling the maritime economy...
Tuesday 21 November 2023
14 IPEF member countries to cooperate in Supply Chain, Clean Economy, and Fair Economy
On November 20, the 14 partner nations of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF) announced major achievements in Supply Chain, Clean Economy, and Fair Economy during...
Monday 13 November 2023
Platform economy: will GPT Store thrive or survive?
OpenAI has recently announced its plan to establish the GPT Store, a hub for related applications, which is perceived by many as the company's move into developing a platform economy...
Monday 30 October 2023
Circular economy (1)Recycling of solar panels (part 1)
Circular economy is an economic system focusing on the reuse or regeneration of products or materials. The concept is to extend the life cycle of materials and products through 5Rs--reducing,...
Monday 30 October 2023
Winbond upbeat about 2024 prospects
Winbond Electronics, a specialty DRAM and flash memory maker, has expressed optimism about its business and market prospects for next year, noting the resolution of the majority of...
Wednesday 18 October 2023
Tesla calls for tougher US fuel economy rules opposed by rivals
Tesla Inc. is calling for President Joe Biden's administration to sharply increase fuel economy standards, and also to wind down a program allowing automakers to offset sales of gas-powered...