Wednesday 12 July 2023
Impacts of China's gallium export control on the supply chain
The Chinese government has recently announced without prior warning that it will control exports of gallium and germanium metals. The announcement has received extensive media coverage,...
Tuesday 2 March 2021
Taiwan inductor makers keen on capacity expansions
Taiwan makers of inductors are keenly enforcing capacity expansions to meet increasingly strong demand for automotive, handset and other consumer electronics applications, according...
Tuesday 20 October 2020
Equipment makers optimistic about demand from passive component sector
Equipment suppliers are optimistic about demand coming from the passive component sector, where leading players including Yageo and Walsin Technology have plans for capacity expans...
Monday 2 December 2019
Cyntec to hike inductor capacity by 40% in 2020 for 5G applications
Taiwan-based inductor maker Cyntec will see its capacity increase by 40% in early 2020 when its new production lines become operational to fulfill ever-increasing orders, according...
Tuesday 19 November 2013
Chilisin November sales to rebound on rising mini molded choke shipments
Passive component maker Chilisin Electronics is expected to see its November sales rebound to sequential growth on a pick-up in mini molded choke shipments, according to market wat...
Friday 4 October 2013
Taiwan passive component makers seeing shipments pick up on smartphone demand
Passive component suppliers Yageo, Polytronics Technology and Cyntec have all seen their shipments rise recently thanks to new models rolled out by their smartphone clients, according...
Tuesday 30 July 2013
Cyntec expanding power choke capacity
Cyntec, a passive component subsidiary maker of Taiwan-based Delta Electronics, is expanding its power choke production capacity by 50%, with completion slated for the fourth quarter...
Monday 28 May 2012
Passive component makers ramping up capacity utilization rates
Most passive component makers including Yageo, Cyntec, Ralec Electronics, Ta-I Technology, Walsin Technology all have ramped up their production capacity utilization rates to over...
Monday 16 January 2012
Yageo boosts capacity for 01005 size chip resistors
Taiwan-based Yageo has moved to build new capacity for 01005 size chip resistors to satisfy brisk demand for smartphones and tablets, joining rivals Cyntec and Kamaya Electric that...
Thursday 1 December 2011
More Taiwan chip-resistor firms grab orders from Rohm
Following reports that Ralec Electronic and Ta-I Technology grabbed contract orders for chip resistors from Rohm Semiconductor, fellow Taiwan-based firms Cyntec and Yageo reportedly...
Thursday 25 November 2010
Taiwan power choke suppliers seeing brisk demand for mobile devices
Taiwan-based passive component makers Cyntec, Mag.Layers Scientific-Technics and Chilisin Electronics have all grown their production capacity for molded-type power chokes, which...
Friday 25 June 2010
Passive component shortages to continue in 3Q10
Supplies of a wide range of passive components, including tantalum and aluminum capacitors, inductors, MLCCs, and chip resistors, will continue to be short of demand in the third...
Friday 19 March 2010
Taiwan-based passive component makers to see shipment growth in March
Taiwan-based passive components makers, including Yageo, Cyntec, Mag.Layers Scientific-Technics and TXC, are likely to see shipments grow in March, driven by expected sales of the...
Wednesday 10 March 2010
Taiwan-based passive component makers report double-digit decline in February 2010
Taiwan-based passive component suppliers Yageo, Cyntec and Mag.Layers Scientific-Technics all have reported more than 10% revenues declines for February 2010.
Monday 8 February 2010
Most passive component makers see strong sales growth in January 2010
Most Taiwan-based passive component makers, including Cyntec, Polytronics Technology and Chilisin Electronics, posted sequential revenue growth in January 2010 buoyed by demand from...