Wednesday 13 July 2022
Israeli OT Cybersecurity Startups (2): Siga elevates OT cybersecurity to 'Level Zero'
It is critical to have security systems in place that prevent any unauthorized personnel from gaining access to your company's system. If an attacker were able to, they could gain...
Wednesday 29 June 2022
Israeli OT Cybersecurity Startups (1): 'Cyber resilience' matters for manufacturers, says Claroty
Manufacturers are advised to boost their "cyber resilience" besides cyber defense, while semiconductor makers are bracing for potential nation-state-operated cyberattacks and insider...
Friday 24 June 2022
FIC expands business to automotive cybersecurity
First International Computer (FIC), a Taiwan-based OEM of PCs and consumer electronics, has expanded its business to the automotive industry, with a focus on cybersecurity for future...
Thursday 23 June 2022
DEKRA collaborates with VicOne to create integrated services for vehicle cybersecurity certification
DEKRA and VicOne, a subsidiary dedicated to vehicle security established by a global cybersecurity leader Trend Micro Incorporated, announced their partnership in providing joint...
Tuesday 21 June 2022
Cisco unveils new cloud systems to defend against cyberattacks
Dave West, president of Cisco Asia Pacific, Japan, and Greater China in an event at Cisco Live pointed out that despite the rising popularity of hybrid work schedules among employees,...
Friday 10 June 2022
Israeli Auto Cybersecurity Startups (5): Unknown cybersecurity threats emerging as cars become connected, says Upstream Security
Cybersecurity firms are firing on all cylinders in response to the demand coming from the automotive industry. Yoav Levy, co-founder and CEO of Upstream Security, said the cybersecurity...
Monday 6 June 2022
Israeli Auto Cybersecurity Startups (3): Risk of hacking a car is much higher than a cell phone, Karamba Security says
Vehicle cybersecurity has become more likely at stake as cars enable connectivity. Karamba Security, an Israel-based startup, offers end-to-end solutions covering product security...
Tuesday 31 May 2022
Israeli Auto Cybersecurity Startups (2): Every vehicle should meet fighter jet defense standards, says GuardKnox
With the global automotive industry moving towards full electrification, future vehicles are positioned to offer increasing levels of autonomy and connectivity, and cybersecurity...
Thursday 26 May 2022
ICT firms explore automotive cybersecurity solutions
Taiwan-based ICT companies have expanded their businesses into the future vehicle market, placing a strong focus on vehicle-to-everything (V2X) and automotive cybersecurity solutio...
Thursday 12 May 2022
Israeli Auto Cybersecurity Startups (1): Most vehicles today are not developed with cybersecurity in mind, says Cybellum
Electric vehicles (EVs) are at the center of the world's push toward a decarbonized future, and the importance of cybersecurity in the automotive domain is without question.
Thursday 5 May 2022
Autonomous vehicles to create massive AI business opportunities
The massive new nodes created inside and outside self-driving cars will bring new business opportunities for AI solutions, and the entire creation process can be seen as a combination...
Thursday 5 May 2022
MIH partners with Trend Micro's auto cybersecurity subsidiary VicOne
Trend Micro, a founding member of Foxconn-initiated EV consortium MIH, has announced that it has set up a new subsidiary, VicOne, that focuses on automobile data security. According...
Monday 25 April 2022
Carmakers urged to shore up cybersecurity
Up to 700 million connected cars will be part of the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) in the next 3-5 years, suggesting that the number of cybersecurity incidents will be ascending, according...
Wednesday 20 April 2022
Taiwan to invest more in quantum technology development
The Taiwanese government is planning to invest a total of NT$8 billion over five years to drive quantum technology development.
Thursday 30 December 2021
Building trust in the edge devices: Interview with the CEO of CollaboGate
IoT devices, on one side, offer extended features and functionality; on the other side, they are well-known with weaknesses and vulnerabilities. With its solution, Tokyo-based CollaboGate...
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