Tuesday 7 May 2024
Samsung said to consider Inpria's metal oxide resist for 1c DRAM process
Samsung Electronics reportedly intends to use metal oxide resist in the Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) exposure process of new generation DRAM products. Metal oxide resist belongs to the...
Thursday 18 April 2024
Taiwan's chemical renaissance: fuelling semiconductor and foldable phone innovations
As Taiwan cements its pivotal role in the global semiconductor supply chain, the ripple effects are transforming its chemical industry and powering new technological frontiers.
Monday 15 April 2024
SK Hynix and Samsung forge path to sustainable neon gas usage
South Korean giants SK Hynix and Samsung Electronics are spearheading a transformative shift towards sustainable practices by pioneering the recycling of neon gas—a critical...
Wednesday 27 December 2023
San Fu Chemical eyes growth in 2024 with new production capacity
Specialty chemical supplier San Fu Chemical forecasts a brighter 2024 after a challenging 2023, with new production capacity expected to contribute 15% to the company's revenue and...
Monday 27 November 2023
Samsung conducts mass production test for EUV key component PGMEA made by Korean supplier
Samsung Electronics is conducting mass production quality tests on a high-concentration, environmentally friendly "propylene glycol methyl ether acetate" (PGMEA) developed by a South...
Tuesday 18 July 2023
OLED materials supplier U-Best cuts into foldable handset supply chains
U-Best Innovative Technology, a chemical materials supplier, has cut into the foldable handset supply chains of Chinese brand vendors with its clear hard coating (HC) materials, according...
Monday 26 June 2023
Dongjin Semichem set to develop high-NA EUV photoresists in 2H23
South Korean semiconductor chemical materials maker Dongjin Semichem has announced plans to develop a new generation of high-NA EUV photoresists to meet the demand to result from...
Tuesday 11 April 2023
Foundry houses invest big in advanced and mature process equipment
Sharp increases in global demand for advanced and mature chip manufacturing processes continued to significantly bolster equipment purchases by TSMC and other Taiwanese foundry peers...
Friday 16 December 2022
U-Best ready for HC film volume production
U-Best Innovative Technology (formerly U-Best Polymer Industry), a chemical materials supplier, has developed hard coat films for foldable smartphones and has already gone through...
Wednesday 17 August 2022
Eternal Materials expanding dry film photoresist production capacity in China
Chemical materials maker Eternal Materials has disclosed it is expanding production capacity for dry film photoresist at its factory in Suzhou, China, with the additional capacity...