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Friday 9 February 2024
A review of four major automotive technology trends at CES 2024
Mobility remained one of the highlights at CES 2024. This year, more companies focusing on autonomous driving, generative AI, EV charging, flying cars, drones, sensors, and micro-mobility...
Monday 5 February 2024
CES 2024 showed the world display vistas for your vehicle
Automotive display panel sizes now exceed 40 inches.
Monday 29 January 2024
Diverse panel lineup at CES 2024 hints at new era for TVs, smartphones, and automobiles
Innovation in display products has always been a focal point at the annual CES event. Looking back at CES 2024, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics stood out with their transparent...
Friday 26 January 2024
AI healthcare: Moderna CIO highlights transformative role at CES 2024
CES 2024, themed "AI in Everything," has spurred diverse industries to explore cross-disciplinary integration. One of the sectors that has exemplified this trend is the AI medical...
Thursday 25 January 2024
MIH CEO Jack Cheng sees the EV industry more solution-driven at CES 2024
Back from CES 2024, MIH Consortium's CEO Jack Cheng shared his views on developments in AI and smart cockpits.
Wednesday 24 January 2024
Wearable technology highlights at CES 2024: from ALS communication tool to lightweight smart glasses
At CES 2024, many of the latest wearable technologies were showcased, including an ear-worn device specifically designed for ALS patients, several smart glasses, and potential competitors...
Wednesday 24 January 2024
CES 2024 auto tech and car showcases


Tuesday 23 January 2024
TCL CSOT CEO Zhao Jun predicts future of OLED at CES 2024
TCL CSOT CEO and COO Zhao Jun talked about automotive display tech breakthroughs and inkjet-printed OLED progress in an exclusive interview during CES 2024.
Friday 19 January 2024
Despite not participating, Apple's Vision Pro had its presence felt at CES 2024
While Apple didn't participate in the recently concluded CES 2024 in Las Vegas, its presence was still strongly felt as the company continued to make announcements during the event...
Friday 19 January 2024
Research Insight: AI takes center stage at CES 2024
Themed "All ON," CES 2024 hosted more than 4,000 exhibitors, featuring 1,200 startups, among them a significant representation from Taiwan. In a groundbreaking move, the event's primary...
Tuesday 16 January 2024
AI solutions integration with AR/VR/XR propel innovations at CES 2024
CES 2024 featured groundbreaking advancements in generative AI, AI chips, and AI PC terminals, positioning AI as the defining theme for the year, with expectations for a flourishing...
Tuesday 16 January 2024
Samsung and SK Group unveil future AI visions at CES 2024
With generative AI being the lynchpin at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, the discussion surrounding South Korean titan Samsung Electronics's future AI direction has...
Tuesday 16 January 2024
Intel, AMD, and Nvidia flex cutting-edge AI hardware at CES 2024
In a race to capitalize on the soaring growth and momentum of AI, three global tech giants showcased their latest developments at CES 2024.
Monday 15 January 2024
Memory makers explore AI market opportunities with latest HBM, CXL innovations at CES 2024
Memory has become a crucial component for cloud servers and AI terminal applications. At the just-concluded CES 2024, major memory manufacturers showcased a variety of new products...
Monday 15 January 2024
Seven major notebook brands gather at CES 2024; standard specs for high-end AI revealed
AI PCs dominated all discussions about CES 2024, with Acer, Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, Lenovo, Dell, and HP all present. Upon closer inspection, the standard specification for a high-end...
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