Tuesday 12 May 2009
Intel outlines notebook plans for 2H09
Intel recently outlined its plans for traditional notebook, CULV-based ultra-thin notebook and netbook product lines for its partners, according to sources at notebook makers.
Tuesday 21 April 2009
Intel to launch only three Clarksfield processors in 2009
Intel will debut its new notebook platform (Calpella) in the third quarter of 2009, but will launch only three new processors (Clarksfield) to accompany the new platform this year,...
Wednesday 8 April 2009
IDF Beijing: Intel reveals new processors for mobiles and servers
Celebrating the one-year anniversary of Intel's introduction of its Atom processor family, Anand Chandrasekher, Intel senior vice president and general manager of the Ultra Mobility...
Tuesday 10 February 2009
Intel notifies partners not to expect any notebook price cuts before the end of May
Intel has notified its partners that it will not reduce prices for any of its notebook lineup before the end of May this year, according to market sources. The company acted to clear...
Monday 5 January 2009
Notebook vendors looking for delay of Intel's Calpella platform
Some notebook vendors have voiced hopes that Intel will consider postponing the launch of its next-generation Calpella platform to after October 2009 instead of July/August as originally...
Friday 28 November 2008
Intel denies rumored Calpella platform delay, says paper
Due to the price of Intel's current Centrino 2 notebook platform being too high – making it difficult for vendors to drop their notebook pricing – sources at notebook...
Thursday 23 October 2008
Intel planning Montevina Refresh notebook platform for April next year
Intel is planning to introduce the Montevina Refresh for notebooks in April, according to sources at notebook makers.
Tuesday 5 August 2008
Intel to launch Calpella notebook platform in 3Q09
Intel's next-generation notebook platform (Calpella) is scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2009. As with other Nehalem generation products, Capella will abandon the current...