Tuesday 17 January 2023
Cal-Comp to add four factories in Thailand; AcBel Polytech to develop PV business
Thailand-based electronic device maker Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand), a member of the Taiwan-based New Kinpo Group, will set up four additional factories in Thailand, while power...
Tuesday 25 January 2022
Compal ranks as top notebook ODM with record revenues in 2021
Compal Electronics ended 2021 as Taiwan's top notebook ODM with its revenues rising 17.8% on year to a record high of NT$1.23 trillion (US$44.40 billion), and still expects a double-digit...
Wednesday 18 August 2021
Compal acquires Indiana factory from Cal-Comp for car electronics
Compal Electronics has announced that it is acquiring 100% Cal-Comp USA (Indiana)'s shares. Cal-Comp Indiana is the sub-subsidiary of Cal-Comp Thailand. Now Compal and Cal-Comp belong...
Thursday 12 March 2020
HDD manufacturing cluster formed in Thailand
A cluster of PC hard disk drive (HDD) supply chain makers has been formed in Thailand with Taiwan-based Cal-Comp Electronics & Communications and Quanta Storage also participating,...
Thursday 16 January 2020
New Kinpo Group expects over 10% on-year growth in 2020 operation
The New Kinpo Group expects its operation to see a double-digit percentage growth on year in 2020 and many of the group's subsidiaries will be going public beginning this year, according...
Thursday 2 January 2020
NADI System forays into Thailand with 3D visualization management solutions
Taiwan startup NADI System, dedicated to smart city solutions, has penetrated its 3D visualization management solutions into Southeast Asia by joining the Taipei Smart City@AMATA...
Tuesday 18 June 2019
HDD makers to scale up production in Thailand
Taiwan-based HDD manufacturers Cal-Comp Electronics & Communications and Quanta Storage have both moved to scale up their output in Thailand at the request of their major clients...
Monday 20 January 2014
New Kinpo Group to expand capacity in 2014
Taiwan-based New Kinpo Group consisting of Cal-Comp Electronics, Kinpo Electronics and AcBel Polytech will expand production capacities in China, Thailand, the Philippines and Brazil...
Monday 26 August 2013
Kinpo-Compal releases 3D printer
Kinpo-Compal Group has recently established a subsidiary to push own-brand consumer 3D printers and announced its first model under the brand name XYZprinting priced only less than...
Tuesday 23 July 2013
Kinpo, Cal-Comp working on landing orders for 3D printers, says paper
Taiwan-based Kinpo Electronics and Cal-Comp are together trying to land component or manufacturing orders from 3D printer makers such as 3D Systems and Stratasys, according to a Chinese-language...
Tuesday 21 August 2012
Asustek outsources 50% of motherboard shipments to Taiwan-based GBM
Asustek Computer has recently raised its motherboard outsourcing volume to Taiwan-based Global Brands Manufacture (GBM) to about one million units per month, allowing the maker to...
Thursday 9 February 2012
Kinpo-Compal Group aims at combined revenues of US$40 billion in 2012
Taiwan-based Kinpo-Compal Group has set a challenging goal of increasing combined revenues to US$40 billion for 2012, with three key members Compal Electronics, Compal Communications...
Thursday 12 January 2012
Cal-Comp to enjoy strong external hard drive shipments in 2012; Min Aik announces 4Q11 result
Taiwan-based Cal-Comp Electronics expects its external hard drive shipments in 2012 to double from those in 2011 with global market share to reach 50%.
Friday 6 January 2012
New Kinpo Group pursues revenues of US$10 billion in 2012
Taiwan-based New Kinpo Group, consisting of three key members Kinpo Electronics, AcBel Polytech and Thailand-based Cal-Comp Electronics, generated consolidated revenues of US$5.66...
Tuesday 20 December 2011
Asustek outsources motherboard orders to Cal-Comp Electronics
Asustek Computer has recently added Taiwan-based Cal-Comp Electronics, an affiliate of Compal Electronics, as its motherboard manufacturing partner and is expected to outsource 5-6...
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