Wednesday 24 July 2024
Inspur refutes Nvidia B20 collaboration reports amid H20 export restriction warnings by analysts
Inspur, a Chinese server manufacturer, recently denied a Reuters report, stating it has no collaboration with Nvidia on designing a B20 AI chip based on the Blackwell architecture...
Tuesday 23 July 2024
Nvidia reportedly developing China-compliant AI chip, partnering with Inspur
Nvidia is reportedly developing a flagship AI chip specifically for the Chinese market to comply with US restrictions on the export of advanced semiconductors. According to sources,...
Wednesday 17 July 2024
Tight supply of UQDs becomes bottleneck for AI server liquid cooling
The supply of Universal Quick Disconnects (UQD) for liquid cooling solutions has become tight, which may become the main bottleneck for AI server liquid cooling growth, according...
Friday 5 July 2024
Nvidia Blackwell B100/B200 deliveries imminent, air cooling remains dominant
According to sources in the server supply chain, Nvidia will soon begin shipping its new B100 and B200 chips. Mass production of servers equipped with these Blackwell architecture...
Thursday 6 June 2024
Who is the person behind Nvidia's next-gen platform 'Rubin'?
Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang surprised the audience by disclosing its next-generation platform's name "Rubin." Since Nvidia has been naming its products and platforms after famous scientists,...
Wednesday 5 June 2024
Pegatron reveals new AI server product equipped with Blackwell; set to ship in 4Q24
Computex 2024 kicks off this week with Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang firmly in the center of the spotlight.
Thursday 30 May 2024
Nvidia CEO meets Taiwan suppliers for Blackwell GB200 AI servers
Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang is in Taiwan on a whirlwind visit.
Monday 27 May 2024
Nvidia's new AI chip pace down to one year; Blackwell's successor already on its way
Benefiting from the global surge in AI chip adoption, Nvidia's net profit for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2025 (ending April 28, 2024) soared to US$14.9 billion, an increase...
Friday 3 May 2024
What made AMD give a conservative projection for its 2024 outlook?
AMD challenges Nvidia's dominance in the AI market with its Instinct MI300 accelerator which has been well-received by the market. However, since Nvidia's next-generation Blackwell...
Thursday 21 March 2024
Nvidia's data center market opportunities can be as much as US$250 billion, says CEO Jensen Huang
CEO Jensen Huang stated that Nvidia does more than just design chips, it's a "data-center-scale" corporation.