Friday 10 September 2010
HTC teams with T-Mobile to launch G2 smartphone in the US
HTC and T-Mobile will team up to introduce the G2, which is the first Android-based smartphone supporting HSPA+ technology. The device, which is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM...
Thursday 4 February 2010
Taiwan market: LGE to launch 2-3 smartphones in 1H10
LG Electronics (LGE) plans to introduce 2-3 smartphones into the Taiwan market in the first half of 2010, according to LGE Taiwan. The smartphone offerings will include one or two...
Thursday 4 February 2010
China market: China Mobile Android-based OMS 2.0 to also support Windows Mobile and Symbian
China Mobile's next-generation OMS 2.0 (open mobile system 2.0) operating system is expected to support Windows Mobile and Symbian platform APIs (application programming interfaces)...
Wednesday 3 February 2010
Taiwan market: Motorola launches Android 2.0 Milestone smartphone
Motorola has launched its Milestone smartphone (Droid in the US market) in the Taiwan market in cooperation with 3G service provider Taiwan Mobile. The model is the first Android...
Monday 11 January 2010
Google Nexus One carries US$174.15 materials cost, says iSuppli
The Nexus One, sold with the Google brand name but manufactured by High Tech Computer (HTC), carries a bill of materials (BOM) of US$174.15, based on a preliminary estimate from iSuppli...
Monday 7 December 2009
HTC likely to push back Android 2.0 Passion launch to early 2010, say sources
HTC is likely to push back the launch of its first Android 2.0-based Passion smartphone to early 2010 instead of before year-end 2009 as originally planned, according to market sou...
Friday 20 November 2009
Taiwan market: FET expects fast growth of online application store
Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) launched S Marketplace, its online store for handset-based applications, in October 16, 2009 and expects to reach cumulative downloads 4.66 million...
Friday 6 November 2009
Google Maps Navigation may impact PND vendors
Google's recent release of Google Maps Navigation for Android 2.0-platform devices may impact GPS PND vendors such as Garmin and TomTom as well as other handset makers, according...
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