Tuesday 6 February 2024
A comprehensive look at the electronic component industry: Fusion Worldwide's 2024 report
The electronic component industry enters 2024 at an inflection point. Various market segments are recalibrating accordingly after facing hardships brought on by inescapable geopolitical...
Monday 15 January 2024
Japan seeks international collaborations in its newly initiated nuclear fusion program
Compared to the challenging issue of nuclear waste with existing nuclear fission power generation technology, nuclear fusion achieved a significant milestone in 2022 by recording...
Wednesday 20 December 2023
The fusion of AI and IoT paves the way for Taiwan's tech pioneers
The AI landscape has hit a new milestone with the advent of cutting-edge technologies such as Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLM). The rise of these next-gen AI technologies,...
Monday 2 October 2023
METI is pioneering digital transformation with advanced AI sensor fusion solutions
Micro Engineering Tech Inc. (METI), a Canada-based provider of digital transformation solutions, is riding on its innovative AI sensor fusion software solution. Founded in 2010, METI...
Wednesday 9 August 2023
Nuclear fusion startup Alpha Ring builds ecosystem in Taiwan to get ahead
Nuclear fusion technology is gaining momentum. Alpha Ring, a startup company that has pioneered electron-catalyzed fusion, originated in the US and is now flourishing in Taiwan, working...
Wednesday 21 June 2023
Chinese civil-military fusion targeted by the EU's new security strategy
On June 20, the European Commission published a Joint Communication on a European Economic Security Strategy. The strategy will seek to set out a common framework for achieving economic...
Friday 26 May 2023
Fusion Worldwide receives win at SBR International Business Awards
Semiconductor manufacturing company Fusion Worldwide clinched the Supply Chain category win at the recently held SBR International Business Awards for its proprietary data tool Scout...
Monday 30 January 2023
IPL develops robust, cost-efficient, radar- and camera-based fusion sensor box for autonomous driving
Radar-based perception solution for autonomous driving – which has yet to see commercialization by players in the market – is under research & development at the Information...
Tuesday 22 November 2022
Fusion Worldwide named Outstanding International Branded Distributor
Fusion Worldwide, the premier global open market sourcing distributor for electronic products, received the award for Outstanding International Branded Distributor at the 2022 International...
Tuesday 16 August 2022
Is chip shortage ending? Fusion Worldwide sees rough waters at least for another quarter
During the peak of chip crunch, when big automotive manufacturers are securing long-term agreements with chip makers to keep their supply chain humming, those in critical need of...
Friday 20 May 2022
China homegrown self-driving chips gaining ground in EV market
China's homegrown high-end autonomous driving chips have seen a significant breakthrough in commercial applications, as Chinese AI chip startup Horizon Robotics has over the past...
Tuesday 22 February 2022
Fusion Worldwide acquires electronic component testing center in Singapore
Fusion Worldwide has acquired Prosemi Mfg Pte Ltd, a large-scale electronic component test house in Singapore. With the supply chain experiencing historic constraints leading to lengthy...
Thursday 17 February 2022
Fusion Worldwide expands EMEA presence
Fusion Worldwide is expanding its footprint throughout EMEA with the opening of locations in Paris, France, and Udine, Italy. The EMEA region currently has two offices, and with this...
Thursday 27 January 2022
Andes RISC-V SoC shipments top 3 billion units in 2021
Shipments for SoC chips adopting Andes Technology's processor IPs topped three billion units in 2021, representing a 2017-2021 CAGR of 50%, according to Frankwell Lin, chairman and...
Friday 17 December 2021
Fusion Worldwide celebrates 20 years in the electronics sourcing industry
Fusion Worldwide, the premier global open-market sourcing distributor of electronic components and finished products, is celebrating its 20th anniversary.