Tuesday 16 May 2023
MediaTek announces latest 6G NTN technology white paper
After it helped make the world's first 5G satellite communication smartphone, Taiwan-based IC design leader MediaTek recently announced a 6G NTN (non-terrestrial networks) technology...
Wednesday 3 May 2023
CEC-Panda in talks to sell its idle 6G LCD fab
China-based panel maker CEC-Panda LCD Technology is in talks seeking to sell its 6G LCD fab to fellow company Infovision Optoelectronics, according to industry sources.
Wednesday 26 April 2023
Commercialization of 6G may kick off in 2030, but challenges remain, says DIGITIMES Research
Since the timeframe for the evolution of communication technology has greatly shortened, 6G is now expected to be commercialized as soon as 2030. Compared to 5G, the next-generation...
Monday 17 April 2023
Optical communications to help achieve 6G full network coverage
Low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellites are expected to be integrated with 6G terrestrial networks (TN), with laser communications anticipated to play a significant role in the future LEO...
Friday 14 April 2023
China eyeing lead in 6G technology
Chinese mobile operators and telecom equipment providers are already engaged in 6G technology R&D, eyeing to lead in the next generation of wireless communication, according to...
Wednesday 12 April 2023
5.5G a necessary stage for advancing 6G, says Huawei
Chinese telecom equipment giant Huawei believes that 5.5G is a crucial step toward 6G advancement.
Monday 27 March 2023
China seeks to replicate its 5G success story in the 6G era
In order to gain an early advantage in 6G development, China's Future Mobile Communications Forum and Purple Mountain Lab held the 2023 Global 6G Technology Conference in Nanjing...
Friday 24 March 2023
Epi-wafer supplier IntelliEPI upbeat about industrial, military defense demand
Epitaxial wafer (epi wafer) supplier Intelligent Epitaxy Technology (IntelliEPI) is optimistic about demand for industrial and military defense applications, as well as demand for...
Thursday 23 March 2023
India unveils 6G mission to play catch-up
India just began its 5G services rollout less than six months ago, but it is already looking to catch up with technological leaders in 6G by launching the Bharat 6G project.
Wednesday 22 March 2023
China's telecom giants forge ahead with 6G plans amidst looming international sanctions
The commercialization of 5G has entered its third year. In terms of market penetration, South Korea and China are the global leaders in 5G. Backed by the support of national policies...
Wednesday 22 March 2023
6G competition heating up
Commercialization of 6G technology may not arrive until 2023, but China, the US, the EU, Japan, and Korea have already stepped up development of chip applications supporting the next-generation...
Wednesday 15 March 2023
Taiwan makes further inroads into global space supply chain, now eyeing satellite components
The industrial event 'Satellite 2023' has begun in Washington DC, USA, attracting over 350 companies from the aerospace supply chain, among them household names like NASA, SpaceX,...
Thursday 9 February 2023
High-end electronics measurement equipment increasingly paired with software services, says Keysight
The clear development trend for advanced technologies has changed the business model of traditional instrumentation equipment vendors, driving them to adopt an integrated strategy...
Wednesday 21 December 2022
6G to enter commercialization in 2030, says DIGITIMES Research
The year 2030 will enter the era of 6G, which means that wherever you go, there will be full network coverage on the land, sea and air, and by that year there will be 97.2 billion...
Tuesday 22 November 2022
Rising VCM sales boost Audix gross margin in 3Q22
Taiwan-based Audix saw its gross margin grow to a 40-quarter high of nearly 27% in Q3 2022 from Q2's 18.92%, thanks to strong sales of voice coil motor (VCM) components used in handset...
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