Wednesday 28 April 2010
Motherboard makers experiencing tight supply of AMD new southbridge
Motherboard makers are seeing tight supply of AMD's new SB850 southbridge, according to industry sources, adding that one of the main reasons is limited capacity of Taiwan Semiconductor...
Thursday 5 November 2009
AMD GPU shortage causing PC vendors to delay products to 1Q10
Tight supply of AMD GPUs has caused several PC vendors to delay their mass shipment schedules by about two months to the first quarter of 2010, according to sources at the companie...
Thursday 15 October 2009
SMIC extends 45nm offerings to 40nm and 55nm
Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) has announced that it will extend its 45nm bulk CMOS technologies to 40nm and 55nm geometries.
Monday 5 October 2009
GPU shortage expected to last through 1Q10, says paper
A shortage of 55nm-made GPUs is expected to last through the first quarter of 2010, as both AMD and Nvidia are focusing their attention toward DirectX 11-based 40nm-made GPUs, according...
Wednesday 19 August 2009
Faraday offers 55nm/65nm miniIO with around 40% area-saving
Faraday Technology has announced the availability of its miniIO at 55nm and 65nm. Compared with general IO pads, Faraday's miniIO reduces the chip area by up to 40% for a pad-limited...
Wednesday 15 July 2009
Faraday launches low-leakage memory with up to 90% leakage-reduction
Faraday Technology has announced the availability of low leakage memory at UMC 90nm process, which provides up to 90% leakage reduction with no area penalty. Faraday's low leakage...
Monday 18 May 2009
AMD to showcase new notebook platform at Computex 2009, says paper
AMD plans to showcase its new notebook platform (Tigris) at Computex 2009, according to a Chinese-language Commercial Times report. The new platform consists a 45nm dual-core...
Wednesday 30 July 2008
Nvidia to launch 55nm GeForce 9500 GT GPU in 4Q08
Nvidia is planning to launch a 55nm version GeForce 9500 GT GPU in the fourth quarter this year, according to sources at graphics card makers.
Wednesday 9 July 2008
Nvidia to fully advance to 55nm in 2H08, says paper
In order to lower production costs, Nvidia is expected to fully advance to 55nm generation manufacturing in the second half of this year and will have 4-5 new GPUs produced under...
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