Thursday 14 December 2023
Worldwide public cloud services revenues grow 19.2% on year in 1H23, says IDC
According to new data from the IDC Worldwide Semiannual Public Cloud Services Tracker, worldwide revenue for the public cloud services market totaled US$315.5 billion in the first...
Friday 10 November 2023
Compeq rises out of 1H23 slump to new 4Q highs
Major High-Density Interconnect (HDI) board manufacturer Compeq announced its latest financial report during its board meeting on November 9. For the third quarter of 2023, the company's...
Tuesday 24 October 2023
Southern Taiwan Science Park leads Taiwan in revenue, thanks to shift in policies
The Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) has seen record revenues driven by the semiconductor industry, with the formerly leading optoelectronics and display panel industries generating...
Thursday 28 September 2023
Taiwan science parks see combined revenue fall 12% in 1H23
Government-developed science parks in Taiwan, including Hsinchu Science Park (HSP), Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP), and Central Taiwan Science Park (CTSP), saw a combined revenue...
Tuesday 26 September 2023
Smart TV shipments grow by 8% in 1H23 in India
Despite rising inflation and economic uncertainties, India's smart TV market remains on the growth track, witnessing 8% shipment growth year-on-year.
Tuesday 5 September 2023
Taiwan exports to India grow in 1H23, bucking declines in sales to most NSP states
Taiwan's exports to India increased 12.4% on year in the first half of 2023 on the relocation of electronics component supply chain there, bucking the declines in shipments to most...
Friday 1 September 2023
GigaDevice posts both profit and revenue fall in 1H23
China-based flash memory and MCU company GigaDevice Semiconductor announced its operating performance for the first half of this year, with revenue down 40% and net profit down 80%...
Wednesday 30 August 2023
BYD outraces Tesla in gross margin, R&D expenses for 1H23
Chinese top EV vendor BYD outraced Tesla in terms of R&D expenses and gross margins in the first half of 2023, with both its revenues and net profits for the period hitting record...
Wednesday 23 August 2023
China's price war slightly affects Geely's gross profit margin in 1H23
China-based Geely Automobile's profitability has remained stable in the first half of 2023. While the company saw its revenue grow by more than 25% from 2022, its gross profit margin...
Wednesday 16 August 2023
Huawei posts over 200% growth in profit in 1H23
According to Huawei's latest earnings report for the first half of 2023, the US-sanctioned telecom equipment giant reported sales of CNY310.9 billion, up 3.1% from a year ago, with...