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Hans Wu, Taipei; Emily Chuang, DIGITIMES Asia
Friday 21 December 2007
  • Posted on Dec 28, 21:20

    RE: 32-bit
    Knowing them, they'll probably still use 32-bit OS and say nothing about not being able to actually use all 4GB of memory.
  • Posted on Dec 24, 10:43

    RE: Why 32 chips?
    You are confusing Gb and GB.
    8Gb = 1GB so you need 32Gb to make 4GB.
  • Posted on Dec 24, 05:02

    Why 32 chips of 1 gb needed to make 4 gb, 32x1=32gb?
  • Posted on Dec 22, 22:57

    Great. Bye bye 32-bit.

    For 4GB, you need a 64-bit OS
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