Chenbro's latest AI and cloud server chassis solutions make stunning debut at Computex 2024

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Chenbro's Latest AI and Cloud Server Chassis Solutions Make a Stunning Debut at COMPUTEX

Chenbro (TWSE: 8210), a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of own-brand rackmount systems, is participating in COMPUTEX Taipei from June 4 to 7. Focusing on the theme of AI, Chenbro is showcasing its latest NVIDIA MGX chassis products and OCP DC-MHS cloud server chassis solutions, seizing more AI business opportunities.

This year, Chenbro is flexing its muscles with its OTS (Off-The-Shelf), ODM/JDM, and OEM Plus service models. In addition to highlighting OTS server chassis solutions for AI, Cloud, Storage, and Edge applications, Chenbro is exhibiting JDM/OEM products co-created with customers, showcasing its strong R&D design capabilities and manufacturing prowess and realizing win-win partnerships.

Aiming for Next-Generation Server Development with Unreleased Enclosure Solutions

Eric Hui, President of Chenbro, highlighted the role of NVIDIA MGX in bringing accelerated computing into any data center with modular server designs. These designs offer multiple form factors, including 1U, 2U, and 4U, enabling diverse configurations of GPUs, CPUs, and DPUs to fulfill various computing requirements. As an NVIDIA partner, Chenbro is showcasing NVIDIA MGX server chassis in 2U and 4U form factors to address enterprise-level AI application needs, and is exhibiting 1U and 2U compute trays to support customers deploying the GB200 NVL72 and NVL36.

Chenbro is also introducing a new generation of cloud server chassis solutions compliant with the OCP DC-MHS standard, and collaborating with Intel on server architecture. Chenbro's DC-MHS enclosure solutions offer Full Width (FLW) and Density Optimized (DNO) specifications in 1U and 2U form factors, supporting E3.S and E1.S storage devices, to meet product development demand for next-generation high-performance servers.

Also at Chenbro's booth is a unique data center display featuring a blend of virtual and physical cabinets, showcasing its Tri-Load high-density storage server chassis solution, which has won both the MUSE and TITAN design awards. Known for its exceptional heat dissipation and load-bearing mechanisms, the Tri-Load series ensures easy maintenance and stability in data center operations. Chenbro is also showcasing Edge AI solutions with short-depth server chassis capable of accommodating GPU deployment, enabling AI computing at the edge.

Collaborating for a Win-Win Partnership

Corona Chen, CEO of Chenbro, underscored the company's commitment to tracking the product roadmaps of tech giants such as NVIDIA, Intel, AMD, and Ampere. By leveraging modular design, Chenbro ensures maximum compatibility and can offer a wide range of server chassis solutions, adhering to the slogan "Whatever's inside, Chenbro outside." Through diverse business service models, Chenbro is actively collaborating with global customers to seize opportunities in the AI and cloud server industry.

This year, along with TechTalk sessions that share innovative product and industry insights, Chenbro is also showcasing joint product demonstrations with motherboard partners such as Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock, Tyan, and Compal, as well as storage device partners like Toshiba, Seagate, and Kingston. In addition, server products created through JDM/OEM collaboration with Hyve Solutions, Wiwynn, Pegatron, MSI, ASRock, and ADLINK are on display. Lastly, Chenbro will hold a joint VIP night co-hosted with JPC and FSP, showcasing Chenbro's collaborative achievements with customers and partners in win-win partnerships.

Amidst the wave of green exhibitions, Chenbro is further showcasing its commitment to sustainability through participation in COMPUTEX ESG GO and the Sustainable Design Award competition. Chenbro applies the principle of 3R (Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle) not only in product design but also in booth design, paving the way for a low-carbon, sustainable future.