JMicron teams up with KaiKuTek for a sensational debut at Computex 2024 - Innovation ignites technology evolution

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JMicron Technology Corp. teamed up with its wholly owned subsidiary, KaiKuTek Inc., to exhibit a variety of high-speed interface bridge controller solutions at the Sea Hall of the Taipei Marriott Hotel in Nangang during COMPUTEX 2024.

They also showcased various application solutions integrating artificial intelligence and millimeter-wave radar technology, including air gesture control and object sensing. JMicron Technology Corp., known for its high-speed interfaces bridge controller chips, unveiled its latest generation of products.

These chips represent a significant leap forward in transmission speed, stability, and efficiency, garnering attention from industry insiders and attendees alike. They also expanded the application fields of external storage to various smartphone platforms, simplifying cross-platform data exchange and positioning themselves as an industry focal point for future growth.

Tony Lin, VP of Marketing & Sales Center at JMicron Technology Corp., emphasized the company's commitment to extensive collaboration on next-generation bridge control chips with its primary customer base. This initiative aims to lead trends in high-speed interfaces and storage applications, creating new market opportunities in collaboration with customers.

KaiKuTek Inc. showcased groundbreaking products, leveraging its leading position in 60GHz millimeter-wave radar technology. The company focuses on radar sensing, AI/ML technology, antenna design, and gesture recognition, enhancing various smart applications.

New products include TWS earbuds and intelligent eye massager with air gesture control for intuitive user experiences. In addition, a smart fan solution incorporates air gesture control and precise positioning through millimeter-wave radar, achieving automatic fan direction adjustment.

Contactless products are increasingly integrated into daily life, with applications developed using millimeter-wave radar sensing technology and artificial intelligence projected for significant growth. The collaboration between JMicron Technology Corp. and KaiKuTek Inc. injects vitality into the industry, exploring broader horizons for technological innovation and enhancing user experiences.

Mike Wang, General Manager of KaiKuTek Inc., anticipates applying accurate tracking and positioning and air gesture recognition technology in various fields, including industrial, automotive, personal consumer electronics, and IoT. Through system-level AI radar sensing solutions, KaiKuTek Inc. aims to realize non-contact long-distance object detection and operation, revolutionizing human-machine interaction interfaces.

The success of COMPUTEX 2024 underscores the bright future for JMicron Technology Corp. and KaiKuTek Inc. Together, they will continue innovating, driving technological progress, and shaping the industry landscape.