Double BC Awards winner - Wincomm: Explore revolutionary medical AI and waterproof tech at Computex

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Wincomm Corporation, a leader in medical and industrial-grade computer solutions, proudly announces its receipt of two BC Awards at Computex Taipei 2024. The accolades were granted in recognition of the company's innovative medical AI solutions and its advanced waterproof technology, marking a significant achievement in its operational fields.

The awarded WMP-22P/24P mobile digital medical workstation, designed with pandemic protection in mind, features a sophisticated fanless design equipped with a built-in hot-swappable battery system. This workstation facilitates continuous operation and mobility, providing essential services such as medication barcode scanning and patient smart card reading, all while maintaining antimicrobial properties. This design not only addresses the critical need for digital healthcare expansion and secure data backup but also caters to rural healthcare deployments and teleconsultations. The WMP-22P/24P, available in variants like WMP-22P/24P-IP54 and WMP-22P/24P-PIS, is further recognized for its smart management capabilities that optimize thermal performance, power consumption, and operational efficiency. This led to the adoption of these workstations in a major European hospital project, underscoring its significance with a BC Award in the digital health category.

In the industrial sector, the WTC-9H0W rugged embedded computer was honored for its exceptional design tailored to the rigorous demands of food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing environments. Featuring fanless operation, IP66 rating for waterproofing and dust resistance, and a wide operational temperature and voltage range, the WTC-9H0W stands out for its reliability and safety in challenging conditions. This commitment to innovation was also recognized with a BC Award in the IPC embedded products category.

Wincomm's latest products not only highlight the company's expertise in high-tech medical and industrial automation fields but also reaffirm its ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence. For the first time, Wincomm is introducing a brand-new telehealth solution, featuring an integrated Medical PTZ camera and a lightweight nursing cart on the WMP-24P. This solution enhances the convenience of mobile care and significantly improves the efficiency of emergency medical treatment, showcasing Wincomm's capability to provide integrated solutions in collaboration with partners.

Wincomm will continue to deliver high-quality products and services through its global distributor network, driving the advancement of global digital healthcare and industrial automation. For more information about Wincomm's innovative solutions and their impact on the healthcare and industrial sectors, please visit No. PO504 at the Nangang Exhibition Hall 2, 1F, Taipei, from June 4 to 7, 2024, to explore its latest breakthroughs and pioneering products.

*Intel 12th Core Processor
*21.5" / 23.8" 16:9 FHD Diagnostic Panel
*IP65 Front, IPX1 Rear, Fanless Design with Reliable Thermal Solution
*Swappable Battery Up to 3
*Power Supply Unit Inside, Support Power Up to 100W
*Up to 6 x USB Type A, 6 x COM, 2 X Display Output, 1 x PCIex4 Expansion

WTC-9H0(W) -Six sides waterproof embedded PC
*Intel 12th / 13th Gen. Core Processor
*Low Power Fanless Waterproof Box PC
*IP66/68 Full Sealed with Anti-Corrosion Stainless Steel Enclosure
*Wide Range DC Input 12~28V
*Optional M12 Stainless/Metal Connectors
*Optional Cable Gland for External I.O.

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Double BC Awards winner - Wincomm: Explore revolutionary medical AI and waterproof tech at Computex