FPT Software's major partnerships in Taiwan: Driving expansion, empowering talent acquisition, and spearheading digital transformation

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Businesses seeking success in the digital economy need to rethink their operational strategies by effectively managing and analyzing data. This underscores the significance of digital transformation, which has become a primary focus for businesses today. Industrial professionals suggest that digital transformation entails more than merely investing in digital technology across all business areas; it involves mastering changes in business models by leveraging information technology (IT). However, among the challenges faced by enterprises is the shortage of global IT talent, which underscores the importance of software outsourcing and consulting services in efficiently scaling businesses while reducing operational costs.

Comparing the adoption of Digital Transformation in Asia and Pacific nations, Taiwan is lower ranked than the other advanced countries. The survey reports also indicate Taiwan's small businesses were slow to transform digitally, giving a lower ranking in the "digital observer" category conducted by Cisco and International Data Corp (IDC). It is an important strategy for government agencies and private businesses to team up with global partners to accelerate the progress.

FPT Software is a globally leading technology solutions provider, regarded as the largest IT service provider in Southeast Asia, specializing in smart IT solutions, consulting, customized software, and software outsourcing services. The company's overseas software service over US$1 billion in 2023, with more than 30,000 employees globally in 30 countries worldwide.

Vietnam boasts a young population and number 2 software exporting nation in the world, with the median age estimated at 32.8 years by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations. This demographic dividend provides FPT Software with a significant advantage in cultivating young technical and business talents. FPT Corporation has established its own No1 IT private university in Vietnam with over 170,000 students, offering a comprehensive IT education system tailored to meet enterprise needs and nurture young professionals to bridge the gap in engineering human resources. This system is helping FPT Software to deliver world-class technology solutions for complex business opportunities and challenges.

In this interview with Mr. Levi Nguyen, the CEO of FPT Software Greater Bay Indochina, he has taken FPT Software's Taiwan office since 2023. As an experienced executive with a proven track record in delivering financial returns and IT expertise, including professional tech certifications such as PMP, ITIL, Agile, CCDP, and MCSE, he actively participates in events hosted by Taiwanese government organizations and associations. He also delivers speeches at events like the World Telecom Smart City Conference (WTSCC) and conducts product demonstrations at the booth of the 2024 Smart City Summit & Expo.

Expanding operations in Taiwan: scaling teams to seize 2024 business opportunities

With the Taipei branch established in 2019, FPT Software is optimistic about the development of the Taiwan market. The company's focus in Taiwan targets key sectors such as smart manufacturing, telecommunications, financial services, and solutions. FPT Software's core technologies include Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), low-code development, and robotics, enabling the delivery of services in smart factories, digital platforms, robotic process automation (RPA), cloud computing, augmented reality/virtual reality, software outsourcing, and other business applications.

Amidst the escalating US-China Tech War and global supply chain decoupling and the trend of shifting manufacturing bases away from China has prompted Taiwanese vendors to accelerate investments in Vietnam in recent years, FPT Software sees this as a significant opportunity to serve Taiwanese customers locally in Taiwan. To provide rapid services, FPT Software has increased its investment in local services in Taiwan to deliver significant value to customers. Recently, the Taiwanese government was more open to cloud technologies, which FPT Software can seize the opportunity to provide solutions for Taiwanese companies to optimize their operation cost and launch the services to market faster.

Furthermore, as the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the global surge in the use of digital payments and virtual banking services, FPT Software introduced solutions to Taiwan financial customers such as the Digital Bank, the Paperless Insurance platform, Financial Services Analytical Applications, Fraud system and advanced services of Core Banking/Insurance Upgrade Migration to boost digital innovations. Another mainstream in smart factory sectors, FPT Software has rolled out solutions in Japan, Germany, and the United States. These are FPT Software's key focuses of business development in Taiwan to contribute to Taiwanese customers in the near future.

Capitalizing on these opportunities, FPT Software has outlined a robust expansion plan in Taiwan for 2024 and initiated software projects to explore further potential. Levi Nguyen emphasizes the recruitment of operational teams, aiming to increase the existing team of 30 to 100 people as the first step. In addition to this growth within Taiwan, FPT Software has also planned to establish several new offices in different cities across Taiwan to meet customer requirements.

FPT Software's AI innovations illuminate Taiwan's smart manufacturing landscape

As emerging technologies continue to evolve, AI and machine learning will play an increasingly vital role. In Levi Nguyen's speech at the World Telecom Smart City Conference, he highlighted FPT Software's advantages in artificial intelligence technology demonstrated through business opportunities in smart manufacturing. Leveraging this strength, Levi Nguyen showcased one fascinating use case: automated visual inspection projects in a major Taiwanese 5G equipment manufacturer in Hsinchu. With the demand for smart manufacturing on the rise, FPT Software will continue to expand automation and AI-enabled smart manufacturing solutions, leveraging its long-term accumulated credibility to capture the market.

Meanwhile, as Generative AI has become a global phenomenon, it has ignited a global race among tech companies. Whether it's automated chatbots, AI-assisted coding tools for analyzing source code, or testing and optimization, these AI-enabled solutions have generated practical examples, fostering a transformative approach to enhancing software development through increased efficiency and productivity. FPT Software will continue to drive AI development to serve Taiwanese customers. Other significant developments include software-defined vehicle technology and outsourcing services. These ongoing trends are boosting the collaborative development of automotive systems in the future, representing key opportunities to maintain strong and lasting business relationships with Taiwanese partners.

Deepening Taiwan Mobile partnership for future growth

Discussing prominent clients and ongoing projects, Levi Nguyen highlights the collaboration with Taiwan Mobile Co. as a prime example. In a subsequent video conference interview with Rock Tsai, Chief Information Officer of Taiwan Mobile, he portrays Taiwan Mobile as a leading telecom operator specializing in mobile, fixed-line, cable TV, and broadband services, which has established key criteria to select an international IT and software partner. Among these criteria is the value of internationalization through partnerships. With this strategy aiding the company in seizing growth opportunities in the Southeast Asian market, Taiwan Mobile opts for FPT Software due to its global presence and position as Vietnam's leading tech firm in global IT services. With multiple offices and local operational capabilities in Southeast Asia, FPT Software possesses the capacity to assist Taiwan Mobile in seizing growth opportunities in the Southeast Asian market. Both companies have the potential to become strategic partners in the near future.

Additionally, Tsai emphasizes the current plan focusing on international talent development. Taiwan Mobile aims to offer university-level overseas internships and talent exchange programs to FPT University. With a strong emphasis on talent development, FPT Software can aid Taiwan Mobile in recruiting young talents from Southeast Asia to address workforce demands amidst the backdrop of existing labor shortages. Taiwan is grappling with the world's lowest fertility rate and an aging population, which will diminish its overall talent pool.

Furthermore, Taiwan Mobile continues to offer software outsourcing projects to FPT Software. Both engineering teams can initiate cooperation and mutual learning. Acknowledging the expansion plans of FPT Software's Taiwan branch, Tsai commends the growth and welcomes the expansion of the Taiwan office.

Tsai identifies internationalization as FPT Software's greatest strength. Through the concerted efforts of FPT Software and further collaboration, Taiwanese customers can benefit from strengthened competitiveness compared to other competitors. For swift access to recruitment information from FPT Taiwan, please visit FPT Taiwan LinkedIn.

FPT Software Greater Bay Indochina CEO Levi Nguyen

FPT Software Greater Bay Indochina CEO Levi Nguyen emphasizes scaling operational teams from 30 to 100 as the initial step and establishing new offices across Taiwan to meet customer needs

FPT Software highlights Taiwan's smart manufacturing potential at the 2024 WTSCC

FPT Software highlights Taiwan's smart manufacturing potential at the 2024 WTSCC, expanding partnerships with industry leaders while leveraging its localized presence

With local operational capabilities across Southeast Asia, FPT Software supports Taiwan Mobile's regional growth

With local operational capabilities across Southeast Asia, FPT Software supports Taiwan Mobile's regional growth, fostering potential strategic partnership