From gas-powered to EV, Clientron showcases electric system integration technology in Taiwan E-Mobility Exhibition

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The highly anticipated annual electric vehicle event, "2035 E-Mobility Taiwan," is set to take place from April 17th to 20th at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1. This gathering of industry leaders promises to showcase the latest developments and trends in electric vehicles (EVs). Among the forefront exhibitors is Clientron, renowned for its focus on smart electric cockpits designed for EVs.

Clientron's exhibition will feature a comprehensive lineup of smart e-cockpit products alongside a spotlight on all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), emphasizing its "electric system integration solutions" aimed at transitioning from gas-powered to electric vehicles.

The impending European Union ban on internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle sales by 2035 looms large, significantly impacting various automotive sectors, including specialty vehicles like ATVs, agricultural vehicles, and tuk-tuks. Traditionally powered by ICE engines, these vehicles are synonymous with noise, emissions, and vibrations. However, the shift to EVs heralds numerous advantages such as quieter operation, smoother acceleration, reduced emissions, and alignment with carbon reduction initiatives and net-zero emission policies.

Navigating this transition poses challenges for manufacturers but also presents avenues for innovation and business growth. Clientron's suite of electric system integration solutions addresses these challenges, facilitating a seamless transition from gas-powered engines to electric systems through the integration of electric motors, batteries, and electronic control systems.

Central to Clientron's showcase is the "Electric Vehicle Smart e-Cockpit" solution, recognized as a 2024 Taiwan Excellence Awards recipient. This innovative product encompasses two distinct smart e-cockpits tailored for passenger autos and commercial vehicles. Featuring integrated in-vehicle information systems, including meters, battery power indicators, gear positions, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), blind-spot detection, and in-vehicle infotainment, the smart e-cockpit ensures a blend of intelligent technology and user convenience.

With the burgeoning popularity of EVs and the influx of new models from automakers, there's a surging demand for automotive Integrated Circuit (IC) chips. Leveraging Taiwan's robust chip supply chain, Clientron collaborates with industry-leading manufacturers like MediaTek, Sunplus, PixArt, Novatek, and Holtek to develop an array of automotive IC chip solutions. These solutions find applications across smart e-cockpit systems, virtual onboard units, steering wheel control, visual assistance systems, and more, culminating in comprehensive automotive electronic system integration solutions.

Clientron's President and CEO, Kelly Wu, underscores the company's commitment to advancing EV technology, citing Clientron's roots in automotive multimedia systems design. This foundation has equipped Clientron with a profound understanding of automotive structures and principles, enabling the development of an efficient electrical system integration platform for EVs. This platform seamlessly integrates key electrical systems, facilitating the transition from traditional specialty vehicle manufacturing to electric vehicles.

As industry-wide advancements in battery technology, infrastructure development with increased charging stations, low maintenance costs, and enhanced driving experiences continue to unfold, the future of electric vehicles appears increasingly promising, paving the way for a sustainable and tech-driven mobility landscape.

For more information and to explore Clientron's cutting-edge solutions in the realm of automotive electronics, visit their booth at "2035 E-Mobility Taiwan."

Smart eCockpit of Electric Vehicle

Smart eCockpit of Electric Vehicle